Sunday, 22 April 2012

Best Supporting Actor 1966

And the Nominees Were:

Robert Shaw in A Man For All Seasons

James Mason in Georgy Girl

Walter Matthau in The Fortune Cookie

George Segal in Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?

Mako in The Sand Pebbles


Anonymous said...

I've only seen Shaw and I wasn't overly impressed. I actually think Orson Welles and John Hurt would've been more deserving of nominations.

dinasztie said...

I love Segal and Matthau with me leaning towards Matthau. Shaw's a bit too much and Mason's way too weird. Never seen Mako.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for doing this one! :) One of the few years I've seen all the nominees. I really liked Shaw and would give him the win. Matthau was also terrific and I don't mind him winning. I agree with dinasztie, Mason was weird, and Mako left no impression on me whatsoever.


RatedRStar said...

Shaw and Mako do nothing at all, Mason was good especially in his final scene (Mason can't give bad performances everybody =D ). Matthau was a worthy winner, Segal is my pick purely because he kept up with everyone else and wasnt overshadowed.

1.George Segal
2.Walter Matthau
3.James Mason
4.Robert Shaw

RatedRStar said...

Alan Bates was so punchable in Georgy Girl its no wonder Mason was nominated instead.

Anonymous said...

Matthau was co-lead and that will give him an edge. Shaw (my pick) and Mason were great. Segal held his own and created Nick. I can't remember Mako.

1. Walter
2. James
3. George
4. Robert
5. Mako


moviefilm said...

1) George Segal
2) Walter Matthau
3) James Mason
4) Robert Shaw
5) Mako

Anonymous said...

Definitely Robert Shaw, he should have won, he was perfect!!! One of the best actors of all time and one of the best performances as well! George Segal and Walter Matthau come next in my opinion.

Fritz said...

I hope for Segal but I would also be fine with Matthau.

rcocean said...

I think Mason was the best but Matthua comes second, Shaw third.

Don't really know why Segal or Mako were nominated