Saturday, 10 July 2010

Best Supporting Actor 1985: Robert Loggia in Jagged Edge

Robert Loggia received his only Oscar nomination for playing private detective Sam Ransom in Jagged Edge.

Jagged edge is a predictable thriller in many ways although apparently its influence made it more predictable now than it was originally. It had some okay moments, but overall it does not amount to much.

Robert Loggia is the private detective who gathers evidence for the defense attorney (Glenn Close) who is defending the suspected killer (Jeff Bridges). His part is fairly measly and he comes in and out just with more information, and then at the end he does a little more.  I do have to give Loggia some credit though because I found him to be the most interesting presence in the film, although that says more about the rest of the performances than his performance really.

I did like what he did when he came in. He had a bit of a sly wit to his performance and a bit of charm, but he really had to little to do for it to really amount to anything. I do wish he had been in the film more because I liked what he did do but still his character never becomes that developed in the story and his character barely matters for the overall film. Technically anyone could have brought in the investigative evidence. Loggia is not bad at all, but he really has barely anything to do. I did like his moments and his last line is very well handled but he just does not get enough screentime to help him out. Here is a performance that maybe could have been great since Loggia does his best if he had just been given more. I think maybe the film would have been a lot better if Loggia had been given more to do.


Anonymous said...

Barely remember a low grade from me too...

Fritz said...

Haven't seen him yet but so far this seems to be a rather bad year...

Louis Morgan said...

Sage Slowdive: He really has nothing to do to be memorable.

Fritz: Looks like it will shape to be a pretty bad one.

Twister said...

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Louis Morgan said...