Monday, 12 July 2010

Best Supporting Actor 1985: Results

5. Eric Roberts in Runaway Train- Roberts does basically everything wrong in his incredibly odd performance.

4. Don Ameche in Cocoon- Ameche is not exactly bad in the film, it is just that absolutely nothing is ever required of him.

3. William Hickey in Prizzi's Honor- Hickey plays his part as oddly as possible which goes in line with what the film is trying for, but his attempts fail because the film is a failure.

2. Robert Loggia in Jagged Edge- I liked whenever Loggia was in the film, and he certainly was a nice presence throughout, but his part is too small and too simple for Loggia to do anything great with it.

1. Klaus Maria Brandauer in Out of Africa- Is always very interesting in his performance, and I felt he was the best part of the film actually. I wish he had actually had a bigger part in the film. He is the only nominee I feel who should have been nominated even in this incredibly weak year.
Deserving Performances:
Wilford Brimley in Cocoon
M. Emmet Walsh in Blood Simple
Crispin Glover  in Back to the Future
Christopher Lloyd in Back to the Future


Anonymous said...

My ranking:

1. Klaus Maria Brandauer
2. Robert Loggia
3. William Hickey
4/5. Don Ameche - Eric Roberts (can't decide which one was more bad)

dinasztie said...

This was a lousy year with only one standout and I agree with you.