Monday, 28 June 2010

Best Supporting Actor 1976: Results

5. Burt Young in Rocky- Young gets the job done as Adrien's brother. Although the job only involves acting jerky, which he does well enough but that is not really all that much.
4. Ned Beatty in Network- Beatty has one scene basically in Network and gets to yell for awhile. His yelling though is just not as well done as the rest of the cast's and his yelling seems a little unnatural.

3. Jason Robards in All the President's Men- Robards delivers in the role of Ben Bradley providing a sort of supportive mentor though with a definite incisiveness of a man who supports his writers but also demands the best of them.
2. Burgess Meredith in Rocky- Meredith is very effective as Mickey and creates a memorable character, and he has one emotional scene where he is truly great.
1. Laurence Olivier in Marathon Man- Olivier is brilliant and creates an incredibly villain with his performance Dr. Szell. He never over plays the part and gives an incredibly effective performance.
Deserving Performances:
Hal Holbrook in All the President's Men
 Carl Weathers in Rocky


Anonymous said...

Hal Holbrook! I would have voted for him...

Anyways, I agree with your ranking.

Louis Morgan said...

I'm glad you agree with my ranking, and that you like Holbrook too.

joe burns said...

Thought so. Who did Carl Weathers play in Rocky?

And what year is next?

Louis Morgan said...

Carl Weathers was Apollo Creed. I am not sure what year, maybe lead 03 or 96, or another supporting year. I am not sure yet.

Fritz said...

I just realized your blog is now called 'Best Supporting Actor'...

Great job! Will you go back to Best Actor or do another Supporting year? If I may make some suggestions:

Actor: 1939
Supporting Actor: 1954

Louis Morgan said...

Thanks Firtz. I will change the name depending on the category I am doing currently. I'd love to do both of those years Fritz, I just need to find out if I can do them.

Gustavo said...

Robert Duvall, in NETWORK, was snubbed, IMO.