Sunday, 27 June 2010

Best Supporting Actor 1976: Jason Robards in All the President's Men

Jason Robards won his first Oscar from his first Oscar nomination for portraying editor of the Washington Post Ben Bradlee in All the President's Men.

All the President's men is a fascinating film that follows reporters Woodward and Bernstein as they uncover secrets about the Watergate break in and find connects to the White House.

Robards plays the chief editor who comes in and out of the story, and is another performance from this year who has very limited screen time. Robards does actually seem like Ben Bradlee and carries the right quality throughout the film. He always commands the right presence as Bradlee, and never fails to seem like he really is the head of a newspaper. Having said that he never really makes that much of an impression on the film itself.

It is not one of those performances you really remember every second of. He is never dull but Robards knows his character's importance and really does what he needs to no more no less. His role though is purely functionary. He requires a little bit of energy but not a whole lot. He gives the right amount of support to Hoffman and Redford and technically he is the definition of a supporting performance here. There is only really a one scene that revolve around him completely, the one scene where he tells them about his own experiences as a reporter. Robards does a fine job scene with this one just as he does every other scene. He never really stands out nor is the part that challenging, but Robards always does exactly what he needs to do. Robards never tries to steal scenes nor does does he really becomes forgotten completely.  He gives a good performance though because of this fact. Not an amazing performance but certainly a good one which completely serves its function. 


Sage Slowdive said...

Probably a 2 1/2 from me...bad, no, good, not really.

joe burns said...

Haven't seen him, well I might have seen some of it, but I never finished All The President's Men.

Louis Morgan said...

You should finish watching it Joe. By the way what did you think of Meredith?

joe burns said...

Okay, and I think I like him more now since reading your review, but I wouldn't have given him the win.

Louis Morgan said...

I always glad to hear when my writing helps shed new light on a performance.