Saturday, 27 January 2018

Best Supporting Actor 2017: Results

5. Richard Jenkins in The Shape of Water - Jenkins gives a wonderful performance very much as the type of truly "supporting" supporting performance by offering just bit of extra humor, warmth and emotion to the film.

Best Scene: Repeating the signs. 
4. Christopher Plummer in All the Money in the World - Plummer's post-last minute work here stands on its own, past the unorthodox nature of his casting, through his captivating portrayal of the world's richest man who he brings to life as indeed a commanding miser, but with a sense of humanity even within his most despicable behavior.

Best Scene: Fletcher confronting Getty.
3. Willem Dafoe in The Florida Project -Dafoe delivers one of his best performances through his earnest and always genuine portrayal of decent man trying to keep his optimism through much adversity. It's quietly poignant portrayal of an honest warmth within a rather harsh environment.

Best Scene: Dealing with a pedophile. 
2. Woody Harrelson in Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri - Harrelson grants his character here a notable charisma and brings out the best in his film's humor. He goes further though in giving a rather heartbreaking portrayal of a man facing his own mortality.

Best Scene: Interrogation room. 
1. Sam Rockwell in Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri - Good Predictions Mitchell, Giuseppe, Tahmeed, Luke, Jackiboyz, Maciej, RatedRStar, Omar, Robert, GM, Michael McCarthy, Anonymous, Matthew C. Well for me Rockwell tops this fantastic year for supporting actor nominees. Rockwell as expected brings such an energy through his performance, and where Harrelson excels in the verbal humor though Rockwell does that too, Rockwell is dynamite with the physical humor around his character's buffoonery. Rockwell's work is most remarkable though in successfully delivering his character's arc from a terrible man to a broken man finally starting to see his mistakes.

Best Scene: Dixon brings news to Mildred. 


Calvin Law said...

Damn, I just knew I should have gone for Jenkins in 'last place'. Glad this was such a strong lineup for you.

Luke Higham said...

Louis: My request is Jean-François Balmer in La Révolution française for 1989 Supporting.

I also recommend Brandauer and Seweryn.

My next request will be a Nicol Williamson performance, though it isn't Excalibur.

Psifonian said...

Huh. Thought you'd opt for Woody over Sam, but the top three are very strong.

For your upcoming Best Actor:

1. Day-Lewis
2. Kaluuya
3. Washington
4. Chalamet
5. Oldman

Maciej said...

Ok then, my request is John Cusack for "Maps to the Stars" for 2014 supporting.

Calvin Law said...

Yeah I'm thinking Day-Lewis will take the win here. I honestly do hope Oldman gets a 5, it'd be a shame if his Oscar-winning performance doesn't while so many other snubbed ones have.

Maciej said...

I saw "Darkest Hour" yesterday. While I would love Oldman to win, his performance is a far cry from his very best (e.g. "TTSS"). I highly doubt that he'll beat DDL in Louis' ranking, but I've yet to decide whether he'll rank second or lower.

Luke Higham said...

Day-Lewis in a landslide.

1. Day-Lewis - 5
2. Kaluuya - 5
3. Oldman - 5
4. Chalamet - 4.5
5. Washington - 3

Anonymous said...

Louis: My request is Fredric March in Middle of the Night.

Robert MacFarlane said...

1. Kaluuya (Come on, do the right thing)
2. Day-Lewis
3. Chalamet
4. Oldman
5. Washington

I also saw I, Tonya. I really hope you consider reviewing Stan, because he's now my runner-up to Hamill.

Giuseppe Fadda said...

Sorry to ask again, but what are your ratings and thoughts on the cast of Beatriz at Dinner and thoughts on the film itself?

As for my request, I need some time to think about it.

Calvin Law said...

Robert: He considers Stan co-lead I think.

Calvin Law said...

Giuseppe: you can find his thoughts on Dafoe's review.

Robert MacFarlane said...

Calvin: Ah. I consider him Supporting in the same way Garfield was in The Social Network.

Matt Mustin said...

I guess we're predicting here instead of the nominees post?

1. Day-Lewis
2. Kaluuya
3. Oldman
4. Chalamet
5. Washington

Calvin Law said...

Haven't seen the film but I'm glad to see it's the most unanimously liked film on here.

I really hope Kaluuya can sneak into the top 5 or so. I'm probably the biggest Oldman fanboy here and proponent for his Darkest Hour work (even if he's previously won, I'd still consider it to be a worthy win), but Kaluuya easily bests him for me.

Robert MacFarlane said...

I really, really, hope Chalamet can still get a 5. His performance is sitting incredibly well with me. Stuhlbarg as well.

Matt Mustin said...

Robert: I think four out of the nominees are all potentially fives.

Robert MacFarlane said...

I haven't seen Washington, but my rankings would be:

1. Kaluuya (5)
2. Chalamet (5)
3. Day-Lewis (4.5)
4. Oldman (3)

Giuseppe Fadda said...

Thank you very much!

Michael McCarthy said...

I think I'll take the same risk as Robert and predict my favorite of the lineup to win:

1. Daniel Kaluuya
2. Daniel Day-Lewis
3. Gary Oldman
4. Timothee Chalamet
5. Denzel Washington

I should add that I watched Roman J. Israel Esq a while back. It's a pretty lame movie, but Denzel is far from bad in it. I was surprised at how naturally he pulled off a dorky character without much charm. I could buy a 4 for him, maybe even a soft 4.5.