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Alternate Best Supporting Actor 1957: Lee J. Cobb in 12 Angry Men

Lee J. Cobb did not receive an Oscar nomination for portraying Juror number 3 in 12 Angry Men.

12 Angry Men obviously has a large ensemble and the story itself does attempt to make use of all 12 jurors. In the number one spot you have Martin Balsam as the jury foreman. Balsam's performance is much like character which is mostly to be functional. The foreman purposefully mostly just calms down discussion and attempts to keep order while leaving his own thoughts to be basically unsaid. Balsam is actually quite good in the role as he shows the slight consternation and difficulty of a guy trying his best to keep everything in order. He also is rather good at establishing the changing mind of the man as the scenes proceeds so you really don't need to know why the foreman changed his mind, it's simply something that is understood. Well that brings us to number 2 played by John "piglet" Fiedler. Well he's suppose to be the meek guy who gets a bit emotional as he's easily pushed around. Fiedler's voice pretty much makes him as meek as you need someone to be, but I don't know Fiedler's whole work is slight exaggerated in a way that makes him sometimes stand out in a bad way.

Skip number 3 for the moment. Onto number 4 the smartest juror well that is until he accepts the demented thinking of the rest (I mean a serial killer wouldn't be found guilty with juror 8 around). Anyway E.G. Marshall plays the juror giving the character enough of a cold and refined command as he states his arguments. Marshall is good enough in the role, but I can't help but feel he could have been even more incisive in the role. It's not that he's even inadequate in any way I just think he could have been more overpowering as the sense of reason for the guilty verdict. That brings us to the number 5 played by Jack Klugman. I really like Klugman in the role as he brings an emotional tension to his performance as though he's been keeping up with some statements about his "kind". Klugman importantly starts this way, as though its been brought up during the trial already, so his early breakdown is well earned and well played. After he calms down he's still good even if his biggest impact is early on.

Number 6 played by Edward Binns is a somewhat simpler role as he's just an average blue collar guy with a code respect. Binns is good in the role in bringing a bit of warmth to the room while still being convincing as a technically tough guy type. Number 7 though comes in the form of Jack Warden who is more interested in a baseball game than the trial. Warden is quite good in the role by bringing just the whole could not care less in his sarcastic line readings throughout. Warden is great at being a jerk here and creating the man's narrow minded view that ignores anything other than his interests. What I like most is Warden actually does not compromise the character when pressured at the vote change. Warden shows a slight understanding but not really to take it seriously, but just rather that its time for him to keep his mouth shut. Number 8 played by Henry Fonda I have covered extensively for the leading reviews for this year.

Number 9 is an old man played by Joseph Sweeney. Sweeney I feel overplays his role a bit as some of those faces he gives just seem to be a bit too much. He still gets across the elements of his character across well enough, but he's somewhat cloying though. I felt Hume Cronyn was much more effective in the same role in the remake. Number 10 is played by Ed Begley. 10 is a loud bigot whose whole attack on the defendant is merely where he is from rather than any evidence. Begley is appropriately one note of an intense bluster as there really is not much more to 10 other than his obvious hatred, and Begley brings across his vicious prejudice as he should. He's particularly good in the scene where he goes on his rant and just kinda retreats to nothing after everyone basically indicates his distaste with him. Number 11 is the foreign guy who is George Voskovec. He's okay but I think his correcting the grammar of 10 is the only scene where he stands out that well. Number 12 is the indecisive ad executive. This is the least of the parts, and Robert Webber in the role does not overcome this fact.

That leaves number 3 played by the reliable Lee J. Cobb. 3 is perhaps the most passionate man in the room but that passion is for seeing the defendant who is accused of murdering his father is found guilty. Lee J. Cobb smartly stays fairly reserved at first even in his opening disbelief at Juror number 8's intention to vote not guilty. Soon though 3 voices his distaste for the boy which Cobb portrays as quite the fervent hatred for the boy. Cobb though importantly brings a greater depth to the character because, unlike 10, Cobb does play 3's hate as something blind. There is a sadness in his hatred and Cobb effectively shows that this comes from somewhere for him. 3's reason being his own troublesome relationship with his own son, and 3 basically imaging himself as the victim in a way. Cobb is actually surprisingly affecting in the role because he so honestly expresses some regret into 3's words. It is not simply that he hates his son and the murderer, but Cobb does suggest that that 3 perhaps does acknowledge his own faults.

Cobb's performance also works well as being basically a verbal sparing partner against Fonda in the film. Where Fonda stays very dignified and proper in his defiance Cobb gets down and dirty in portraying the violent passion in 3. What Cobb does so well once again though is never act as the obvious villain for the film though because his performance always lets on to the deeper meaning this trial has. It is not just the murder, but Cobb expresses just how deeply the idea of a son murdering his father disturbs 3. Cobb also carefully never comes close to one note and is good in showing the way 3 flares up and calms down through different times of the discussion. I particularly love the moment where 3 shows the way the stabbing would have been done against 8. He starts out miming the act causing most of the other jurors to show concern. Cobb though is brilliant in his reaction as 3 diffuses the situation in his reaction showing that although he kinda does hate 8, he would never actually kill someone.

Cobb does great work here and is particularly good in the final scene where everyone else agrees to vote not guilty while 3 still tries to hold onto his conviction. Cobb is surprisingly heartbreaking as he portrays 3's breakdown showing that in the end its his own very sad life and its more despair than malice that motivated him this whole time. Although there are several good performances within the 12 person ensemble Cobb is the best. In lesser hands 3 could have just been an echo of 10 and simply a one note of angry father projecting his anger on someone else. Cobb brings a greater complexity to his performance than that though. Even just in many of his reactions Cobb never allows three just there to be there to be the man 8 is there to prove wrong. Cobb probably lets us know more about 3 as a man than any of the actors do for their characters. Cobb realizes where 3 is coming from and even if you would not agree with him Cobb allows you to understand the man.


luke higham said...

RatedRStar: Your thoughts on Into The Woods, plus Ratings & Thoughts on the cast.

luke higham said...

Louis: Your Top Ten Female Lead & Supporting Performances of 2014.

Louis Morgan said...

Luke: I answered in the previous post.

Anonymous said...

I'm surprised by how little love Streep is getting here. I loved her, and I thought that "Stay with me" was one of the best acted scenes I've seen this year.

GetDonaldSutherlandAnOscar said...

What are your thoughts/ratings on the remake cast Louis?

John Smith said...

Louis and everyone else, toughts on Banderas in The Skin I live In

luke higham said...

Thanks for that Louis.

luke higham said...

GDSAO: Your Ratings on the cast of Selma, with thoughts on Oyelowo.

RatedRStar said...

Into The Woods is a occasionally enjoyable musical, although it is a mess at times and I feel that is down to the overall tone which starts fairly light but turns very dark at the end of the film and it tonally feels off and quite weird.

Corden (4) I feel he gives the best performance as he is just appropriately likable and amusing and fits the rather comedic over the top nature quite well, decent singing as well.

Blunt (3.5) I feel her death scene is quite silly, but she is terrific at singing and has a nice chemistry with Corden as they bicker with each other.

Streep (3.5) Over the top most certainly, but she is quite entertaining and gives off a nice unpredictable dread whenever she appears.

Kendrick (3) She is great at singing but Cinderella simply isn't much of a character, she is nice enough but thats it.

Pine (3.5) Agony is awesome but, aside from that he isnt given too much to do, I did like it when he appeared but he seemed to pick with Agony.

Crawford (2.5) She is fine enough at singing but she is kinda annoying.

Huttlestone (2) If this was in the 60s this would have been played by Jack Wild, and he would have brought more energy and charm than what Huttlestone brings.

Magnussen (3) The same as Pine but isn't as gloriously entertaining.

Depp (1.5) He is in one scene, than appears quite after dressed as granny, in like the 16 minute mark, so he doesn't completely destroy the film but, his singing is really off here, and his Wolf seems more like a sexual pervert than a Wolf looking for food and its just quite embarrassing to watch, get a grip Depp.

luke higham said...

Louis: Seen any new films, if so, can I have your thoughts on the film/s and your rating & thoughts on the Cast/s.

Psifonian said...

I personally preferred George C. Scott's take on the man (funny that Scott would reprise Cobb's role for the second time, after "The Exorcist"), but Cobb is always good.

(Also, just as a head's up for anyone who follows me on YouTube: I may be creating a new account for my videos, as Google won't allow me to comment/respond to all the questions and comments people ask me. I don't know when this will happen, but just keep an eye out.)

luke higham said...

Inherent Vice Ratings
Phoenix - 5
Brolin - 4.5
Westerson - 4
Short - 3.5
Wilson - 3
Del Toro - 3
The film's not for everyone, for me though, P.T. Anderson once again never fails to deliver.

luke higham said...

RatedRStar: Have You Seen Inherent Vice, If so, Your thoughts on the film, as well as your ratings & thoughts on the cast.

RatedRStar said...

I haven't unfortunately, I will eventually, before the oscar nominations are announced definitely, ive drank a bit though =D so not tonight lol.

luke higham said...

RatedRStar: Thanks for the response anyway. Apart from watching Inherent Vice, I've been completely bored out of my mind today.

RatedRStar said...

Oscar Nominations soon =D stay excited lol =D.

Matt Mustin said...

Louis, what's your ratings and thoughts on Embeth Davidtz in Schindler's List.

Louis Morgan said...


I have not seen this one since probably when it was first shown but I'll try from what I recall.

Vance - 3.5(Hits similar notes to Balsam but perhaps brings up the intensity of the scene by showing a greater frustration in the foreman to keep this under control. I also don't know if his personal monologue was needed, but I thought he delivered it well)

Davis - 3(Fielder is more fitting in terms of being a meek man, but Davis technically speaking gives the better performance. He simply does not have the over the top moments Fielder has, even if as Ned Flanders says "He could stand to meeker")

Scott - 4.5(I certainly could use a re-watch for him. As I recall he also, like Cobb, found the complexity of the character without seeming to copy Cobb. He brings the poignancy out of the moments where 3 reveals his humanity, as well as stands as the passionate force for conviction he should be.)

Mueller-Stahl - 4(He plays the role a bit differently from Marshall. It's less a cold calculation, and just more of a gentle intelligent understanding he portrays. I think he's a little more effective at keeping a sympathy of sorts on the side of finding the accused guilty than Marshall did)

Harewood - 2.5(I felt Klugman made a stronger impact with his initial breakdown, which is the most important scene for 5, since I don't really recall much about what he did in the role otherwise)

Gandolfini - 3.5(Pretty much felt just like Binns's performance, but that makes sense since it is just as the role really should be played)

Danza - 2.5(I thought Warden was far more biting in the role as Danza's interruptions are done I think to be a bit more comic. He just does not seem as cruel and I preferred Warden's version more. Danza also kinda goes for a sympathetic route at the end where I must admit I prefer Warden's unrepentant approach)

Lemmon - 4.5(I might bit committing cinematic blasphemy but I preferred Lemmon to Fonda in the role. Lemmon I think brings just as much needed passion to the part and makes it convincing that 8 could sway the men as he does. I felt Lemmon just played it more like a guy doing the right thing whereas Fonda is a bit of white knight. I felt a bit of sanctimony in Fonda's performance where there was none of that in Lemmon's work)

Hume Cronyn - 4(As I wrote in the review I greatly preferred Cronyn in the role. Where Sweeney I think does a little too much of a quirk in his performance Cronyn is much more honest in his portrayal. There is a real sense of his own passion unfortunately forced to be somewhat muted by his age. Cronyn brings a greater distress in his performance as though the old man does kinda hate that he can't quite fight the way the others do)

Williamson - 3(I feel I need the re-watch perhaps most for him as I mainly remember his rant which I recall was well done)

Olmos - 3.5(Greatly prefer his performance as I think he stays much further away from caricature than his counterpoint, as well makes a stronger impact throughout. Olmos brings a a more piercing edge to delivery, I felt Voskovec brought a bit of naivety in his work, but Olmos brings a world weary quality that works better)

Peterson - 2.5(The role again is the most thankless of the bunch. Peterson might be a bit slicker in the role, but still can't make much of it)

Louis Morgan said...

Inherent Vice - (I suppose Birdman might be easy to decipher compared to this. The plot is purposefully confusing I think kinda putting you in the drug addled mindset of the lead character. Like The Master I'll completely understand why someone might hate this film, but just like the Master I loved it. I did not care that I was missing a few hundred plot points here and there as I found it a marvelous world to watch. Not everyone's bag I'm sure but it fit right into mine)

I'll save Phoenix and Brolin. Also, not to give away too much but if the upset happens, and its between Miyavi, Brolin and Wilkinson, it better be Brolin.

Waterston - 3.5(I think she was properly hippy and drug addled, but I don't know she did not leave the lasting impression that I think was capable for the character)

Short - 3.5(The funny thing is I think Anderson got Short to downplay his usual shtick here, and he's much funnier because of it. It's an enjoyable bit of deranged screwball humor from him and I quite liked his going from respectable dentist to sleazy druggie in a matter of seconds)

Wilson - 3(I don't think you could technically have better casting for a hippie than Owen Wilson, I mean he just has the voice. Wilson technically does not need to do too much more just say his lines in that voice with enough meaning which he does)

Del Toro - 3(This film is really a parade of weirdness and I have to say no one felt like they overlapped here. Del Toro does a nice bit of oddity as Doc's "lawyer" and I particularly enjoyed his first scene where he did the lawyer talk somewhat incompetently)

Malone - 3.5(Now I thought she made a stronger impression in one scene than Waterston did. I thought she was rather moving in portraying the sunny deposition of her character that seemed to hide someone who's really probably a burnout in more way than one)

Louis Morgan said...


Davidtz - 3(I like her performance well enough and I think she certainly is believable in the role. I just never felt she was really allowed to make much of an impact. I only really remember her all that well in her first scene and her basement scene with Fiennes. She's good in both scenes, but I'd actually say she's overshadowed by Fiennes in both as well)


Birdman - (Well it is the first film by Iñárritu that I've liked, but well I kinda loved it in fact I think its my #1 of year. I don't even know if I got exactly what it was going for but I don't care I found every second of the film compelling. The camera trick absolutely worked for me and I loved every character. In fact I liked them so much I kinda wished it had followed each of them a bit more as I found all of them fascinating. Of course it's Riggan's story which just fine by me although won't get too much into that at this time. A great film and its one that I already want to re-watch)

Obviously saving Keaton and Norton.

Stone - 4.5(I thought half of her was so perfectly luminous as her face could not be more expressive here which worked wonders in portraying the very emotionally volatile state of her character. I thought her breakdown scene was well handled, and unlike Robert and RatedRStar, I thought her scenes with Norton were really quite sweet. I also absolutely love her final reaction)

Watts - 4.5(SAG really SAG come on you should have nominated Watts here and we'd have two very deserving ladies perhaps making it into supporting actress. Watts is funny yet quite moving in portraying the scatter of emotions of her character as she's frightened while being absolutely excited about her stage debut. It's great work from Watts and the work she should be recognized for)

Galifianakis - 4(I thought he was really good here as he balanced a bit of sleaze with a bit of warmth in portraying his dirty lawyer who will most certainly go to bat for his best friend. He's great at portraying the frustrations of trying to pull the insanity of the play together and his emotional outburst to Riggan early on was really well performed by Galifianakis)

Riseborough - 4(Fine work as well as she naturally plays up the quirk of her character. She has an odd but effective emotionality of her work as she suddenly jumps from one to the other in an odd but honest feeling fashion)

Duncan - 4.5(A proper successor for George Sanders I would say, and I certainly would not have minded more of the critic. Duncan brings out the acerbic tongue brilliantly as every line of hers seems to have a sting to it even when it might be a pleasantry. Even the way she just sits she exudes the cold pretentiousness of her character. Great work that should not have been left off of the SAG ensemble list. Also Birdman better win that ensemble, I frankly find Boyhood's list to be cheating I mean come on where's Marco Perella and Nick Krause? They were part of it.)

Louis Morgan said...

When I was breaking up the post I accidentally put Inherent Vice and Birdman in the wrong order.

mcofra7 said...

Having recently seen Inherent Vice, I would have to agree with your thoughts on the film. I have no idea what happened, but I really enjoyed it. It was a mess of a film, but the best mess you could hope for. I would give Phoenix a 5, by the way.

GetDonaldSutherlandAnOscar said...

Gooding Jr.-2

I'll give my thoughts on Oyelowo later but rest assured I really liked him.

Anonymous said...

Louis, what is your updated top 5 for Best Supporting Actress so?

luke higham said...

Louis: I'm so fucking glad you loved both films.

luke higham said...

I now, only have A Most Violent Year to see, but since I feel, Isaac will only go as far as a 4.5 for that film, I'm going to give my final list of 5s, plus those that are very close to getting a 5 as well.
In No Particular Order:
Lead Actor
Jake Gyllenhaal in Nightcrawler
Jake Gyllenhaal in Enemy
Michael Keaton in Birdman
Guy Pearce in The Rover
Tom Hardy in Locke
Brendan Gleeson in Calvary
Philip Seymour Hoffman in A Most Wanted Man
David Oyelowo in Selma
Joaquin Phoenix in Inherent Vice
Matthew McConaughey in Interstellar
Timothy Spall in Mr Turner
Ralph Fiennes in The Grand Budapest Hotel
Nicolas Cage in Joe
Cumberbatch, Cooper & Waltz (Zero Theorem) are close to 5s

Lead Actress
Essie Davis in The Babadook
Marion Cotillard in Two Days, One Night
Rosemund Pike in Gone Girl

Supporting Actor
Gary Poulter in Joe
J.K. Simmons in Whiplash
Michael Fassbender in Frank
Norton & Brolin are close to 5s

Supporting Actress
None, on rewatch though, Emma Stone's my number one for the year, with Duncan & Watts 2nd & 3rd.

RatedRStar said...

My final Golden Globe predictions:

Best Picture Drama - Boyhood
Best Picture C or M - Birdman
Best Director - Boyhood
Best Actor - Eddie Redmayne
Best Actress - Julianne Moore
Best Actor C or M - Michael Keaton
Best Actress C or M - Emily Blunt
Best Supporting Actor - J.K Simmons
Best Supporting Actress - Patricia Arquette
Best Screenplay - Birdman
Best Original Score - Birdman
Best Song - Selma
Best Foreign Film - Ida
Best Animation - Big Hero 6

Louis Morgan said...


1. Naomi Watts - Birdman
2. Lindsay Duncan - Birdman
3. Emma Stone - Birdman
4. Rene Russo - Nightcrawler
5. Andrea Riseborough - Birdman

A re-watch could mix up the Birdman ladies though.

koook160 (Robert MacFarlane) said...

No thoughts on Amy Ryan in Birdman? I thought she was the best of the ladies despite having the least to do.

Louis Morgan said...

Ryan - 4(She was also really good as she and Keaton establish their relationship wonderfully pretty much the instance they begin to interact. You feel the love they once shared but as well the bitterness that obviously had been created between the two. Again a re-watch could improve her score as well there's not a weak performance in the cast)

luke higham said...

My Golden Globe predictions:

Best Picture Drama - Boyhood
Best Picture C or M - Birdman
Best Director - Richard Linklater
Best Actor - Eddie Redmayne
Best Actress - Julianne Moore
Best Actor C or M - Michael Keaton
Best Actress C or M - Emily Blunt
Best Supporting Actor - J.K Simmons
Best Supporting Actress - Patricia Arquette
Best Screenplay - Birdman or Grand Budapest Hotel
Best Original Score - Birdman or Gone Girl
Best Song - Glory from Selma
Best Foreign Film - Ida or Leviathan
Best Animation - Big Hero 6 or The Lego Movie

luke higham said...

RatedRStar: Is there any UK Coverage.

GetDonaldSutherlandAnOscar said...

What are your thoughts/ratings on the cast of King Kong 2005? Having just re-watched it I was quite surprised by how much I enjoyed the character development of the first half.

luke higham said...

GDSAO: Your Thoughts on David Oyelowo in Selma.

GetDonaldSutherlandAnOscar said...


He's not a dead-on MLK but he brings the right passion and intensity to the role. What bumps him up to a 5 to me was that he never shies away from the darker side of the man, making his heroic parts all the more powerful.

luke higham said...

GDSAO: Despite, not having a very close resemblance, this is probably the best portrayal of MLK, you'll ever get, since it is extremely difficult to find someone with the look and talent behind it, also, I think what would've put Oyelowo in my top 5 of the year is if the filmmakers, were allowed to use the actual speech transcripts that are under copyright by the King Family.

Anonymous said...

Louis what did you think of Whiplash?

luke higham said...

Anonymous: It's on the Steiger Dr Zhivago review.

luke higham said...

Everyone: How many 5s do you think Louis will give for 2014 Lead & Supporting.
I'm going with 13 for Lead and 3 for Supporting.

moviefilm said...

I have always been much more just reading posts and comments, than commenting myself. But you guys really mad me write my opinion, because I'm as mad as hell and I'm not gonna take this hate against Depp anymore.
First of all, he is a great actor (there are plenty of films from the beginning of his career proving that - Edward Scissorhands, Ed Wood, Pirates of the Caribbean, Sweeney Todd, Finding Neverland, What's Eating Gilbert Grape and so on...). The last few years he just got stuck in one performance (and that is his great portrayal of Jack Sparrow, which is not good when it's done over and over again and when it doesn't fit the film/character). And he really should change his agent.
And before you starting criticising him, you should have a bit of knowledge about the role he's playing, the film he's in and the story. And if you don't, you should do a bit of a research.
The story of Red Riding Hood was meant to be a fairytale with a lesson. Here is the link, you can read about it.
THe origin of the story should warn girls from child prostitution. So Depp played his part exactly as he was supposed to. According to this, even his costume was just right.
And really, you made me laugh (don't remember who particularly was that) when you wrote that he wasn't like a wolf, who wants food. The point is, he didn't really want the food...
BTW, I loved the entire film and Streep was great.

koook160 (Robert MacFarlane) said...

@moviefilm: What you don't realize is we totally get it. We just think it's awful.

luke higham said...

Moviefilm: I don't hate Depp as a person or as an actor, I liked his performances in Edward Scissorhands, Ed Wood, Sleepy Hollow, Donnie Brasco, Sweeney Todd, Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas, Public Enemies and Pirates of The Caribbean COTBP. but I've never seen him give a 5 star performance and his current career path is extremely tiring and he was utterly terrible in Alice in Wonderland, Into The Woods, The Lone Ranger, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and Dark Shadows.

koook160 (Robert MacFarlane) said...

Look, we're not denying Edward Scissorhands, Ed Wood, or the first Pirates were great performances from him. We're just saying he sucked in Into the Woods. I already gave my analysis in another post how the original actor who played the role at least found an over-the-top exuberance to undercut the creepiness and make it watchable. Depp was phoning it in. He sang like he was gargling mouth wash. He was just plain bad in the role.

moviefilm said...

I just think that he doesn't deserve so much hate. I personally would give him 3 (or if I was generous (which you guys make me) 3.5) for Into the Woods. But there are so many actors who's careers are going much worse way and they don't get that much hate (above all, Robert Downey Jr., who I loved in Chaplin, Tropic Thunder, or first Sherlock Holmes, but I'm getting sick of his talent wasting in Iron Man, The Judge, The Soloist, some marvel shits, or tiresome sequels).
And he really isn't that bad. I haven't seen the Broadway live shot performance, so I can't compare it, but that might be the point. I'm not being influenced.
You know, this is a fairytale. It sort of requires overacting, or stylized acting and this is the role, whose creepiness was at the right place here.

luke higham said...

Moviefilm: I respect your opinion and wouldn't try to change that, although I thought Downey Jr was great in the first Iron Man film, the second, I could live without and thought he was fine in 3 and The Avengers.

koook160 (Robert MacFarlane) said...

What makes you think I'm NOT getting sick of Downey? With the exception of his reprisals as Tony Stark, I've grown weary of him once he did Sherlock Holmes.

Louis Morgan said...


Black - 3.5(I'll preface that I have not watched Kong since I saw it in the theater. Black, although perhaps goes a little too broad a few times, I still thought gave an effective portrayal of the sleazy drive of his characters. Although he does some bad things Black does well to portray his passion to find something interesting to be genuine)

Watts - 4.5(Re-watch could move her up. Watts is luminous as per usual and is the perfect beauty to be sure. She's lovely her as she makes Ann endearing and although a damsel in distress she was never boring. Also she's pivotal in finding the humanity in Kong as she creates genuine chemistry with the gorilla, in fact I'd say much more than Adrien Brody)

Brody - 2.5(His part is unfortunately way underwritten especially compared to Carl and Ann and I think you'd someone like Robert Downey Jr. in the role to make it come to life. Brody isn't truly bad but he can't overcome the limits of role and is a bit boring here)

Kretschmann - 3(I think I always like Kretschmann and he establishes the Captain fairly well without having a lot to go off of)

Hanks - 3(A good enough foil I think for Black, but I'd actually say his best scenes are at the end where he has had enough. I have to say its unfortunate he really does not get a resolution)

Bell - 3(Bell role could have becoming cloying fast but I think he has a natural charm in his naivety here. His story at the end though is completely forgotten about even though it is not resolved)

Parke - 3(He's got a nice chemistry with Bell and I think they are moving enough in their father/son type relationship. I don't like how his end though is so quickly forgotten about though)

Chandler - 3(An enjoyable bit of purposeful ham)


I'd actually agree Downey Jr. is becoming tired as well, but I will admit I like Downey more of an actor than Depp. I have to say it seems to be Depp's own choices though such as he turned down the Grand Budapest Hotel because they would not meet his price.