Monday, 16 September 2013

Alternate Best Actor 1987

And The Nominees Were Not:

Bruno Ganz in Wings of Desire

John Candy in Planes, Trains and Automobiles

John Lone in The Last Emperor

Gary Oldman in Prick Up Your Ears

Mickey Rourke in Barfly


Fisti said...

Um, Ganz x's 1000!

But, I have a feeling it'll be:

1) Oldman
2) Ganz
3) Lone
4) Candy
5) Rourke

RatedRStar said...

I don't no who will win this time lol

1)Gary Oldman
2)John Lone
3)Bruno Ganz
4)Mickey Rourke
5)John Candy

Psifonian said...

Taking a stab in the dark, but:

1. Lone
2. Oldman
3. Candy
4. Ganz
5. Rourke

Michael Patison said...

No idea. I think either Oldman or alone will win.
1. Gary Oldman
2. John Lone
3. John Candy
4. Bruno Ganz
5. Mickey Rourke

houndtang said...

Candy but not Martin? Their performances almost rely on each other.

koook160 (Robert MacFarlane) said...

TOTAL crapshoot. My guess:

1. Candy
2. Lone
3. Oldman
4. Rourke
5. Ganz

Maciej said...


Totaly random prediction. I feel Ganz or even Lone can win, too (though I never felt Lone gave that good of a performance). Haven't seen Rourke and Candy so each of them may prove to be a surprise. Anyway, whoever takes the win, won't top Nicholson.

Mark said...

This is possibly the most difficult one so far.

1. Ganz
2. Oldman
3. Lone
4. Candy
5. Rourke

Anonymous said...

I love how nobody has any idea about this one.

George Woolf said...

1- Ganz
2- Oldman
3- Lone
4- Candy
5- Rourke

bondfan said...

1. Ganz
2. Oldman
3. Rourke
4. Candy
5. Lone

Kevin said...

Just guessing

1) Gary Oldman
2) John Lone
3) Bruno Ganz
4) John Candy
5) Mickey Rourke

moviefilm said...

1) Gary Oldman
2) Bruno Ganz
3) Mickey Rourke
4) John Lone
5) John Candy

Michael Patison said...

I'm quickly going to shift my predictions.
1. Gary Oldman
2. Bruno Ganz
3. John Lone
4. John Candy
5. Mickey Rourke

Michael McCarthy said...

1. John Lone
2. Gary Oldman
3. Bruno Ganz
4. John Candy
5. Mickey Rourke

Lezlie said...

1. Gary Oldman
2. Bruno Ganz
3. John Lone
4. Mickey Rourke
5. John Candy

koook160 (Robert MacFarlane) said...

You're all underestimating the power of Candy.

Anonymous said...

Just out of curiosity Louis, what rating would you give Christoph Waltz in Carnage?

Louis Morgan said...

I would give him a 4.