Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Alternate Best Actor 1980

And the Nominees Were Not:

Anthony Hopkins in The Elephant Man

Edward Woodward in Breaker Morant

Donald Sutherland in Ordinary People

Tatsuya Nakadai in Kagemusha

Jack Thompson in Breaker Morant


Mark said...

No Jack Nicholson in The Shining? That's a surprise.

1. Sutherland
2. Nakadai
3. Hopkins
4. Hoskins
5. Thompson

And just for fun, I'll also predict the overall ranking.

1. Hutton
2. De Niro
3. Sutherland
4. Nakadai
5. Hurt

Also Louis, what movie do you think should've won Best Picture: Ordinary People or Raging Bull?

Louis Morgan said...

The Elephant Man

RatedRStar said...

This is tricky, um I reckon the only one who doesn't have a chance of winning is in fact Nakadai.

1)Jack Thompson
2)Donald Sutherland
3)Anthony Hopkins
4)Bob Hoskins
5)Tatsuya Nakadai

Michael Patison said...

Tricky one indeed:
1. Donald Sutherland
2. Jack Thompson
3. Bob Hoskins
4. Anthony Hopkins
5. Tatsuya Nakadai

Michael Patison said...

Also, very interesting choice for Best Picture for the year.

RatedRStar said...

I think 1980 is a pretty strong year for film, and even for the Oscars, like I think they got a lot of the decisions right, the only one that is unfortunate I think is that Breaker Morant and Kagemusha recieved minimal nominations, and that The Elephant Man was the big loser of the night winning no Oscars which I think is surprising.

Anonymous said...

Please, please, please let Hoskins win this!!!

koook160 (Robert MacFarlane) said...

My guess:

1. Thompson
2. Sutherland
3. Hoskins
4. Hopkins
5. Nakadai

bondfan said...

1. Sutherland
2. Hopkins
3. Nakadai
4. Hoskins
5. Thompson

Anonymous said...

Sutherland was my favourite. That last scene of his was one of the best acted scenes ive ever seen

Lezlie said...


1. Donald Sutherland
2. Anthony Hopkins
3. Bob Hoskins
4. Tatsuya Nakadai
5. Jack Thompson

moviefilm said...

1) Tatsuya Nakadai
2) Anthony Hopkins
3) Donald Sutherland
4) Jack Thompson
5) Bob Hoskins

Anonymous said...

Hard to buy Hoskins only in his late 30's here.

Psifonian said...

1. Anthony Hopkins
2. Donald Sutherland
3. Tatsuya Nakadai
4. Bob Hoskins
5. Jack Thompson

Maciej said...


Michael Patison said...

What's everybody's pick for Best Picture for the year? It's always contentious of course. I know Louis said his choice was The Elephant Man. My personal choice is Ordinary People with Scorsese winning director.

RatedRStar said...

my ranking for the best picture choices that year would have been

1)The Elephant Man
2)Ordinary People
3)Raging Bull
4)Coal Miners Daughter
5)Tess (its a pretty dull movie with 2 dull leads in Kinski and Firth)

koook160 (Robert MacFarlane) said...

Ordinary People is mine. I'm not too big of a fan of Raging Bull outside of Pesci's performance. Haven't gotten around to seeing Elephant Man yet.

Anonymous said...

I think both Ordinary People and The Elephant Man have more depth than Raging Bull and more emotional weight. Scorsese deserved director thought but Raging Bull is not an easy film to sit through.

Michael Patison said...

Glad to see I'm not at all alone in not preferring Raging Bull. I am a fan of Raging Bull, though Pesci's only a weak 5 for me, and De Niro, though a pretty strong 5, still loses handily to Hutton in lead. Raging Bull is incredibly well-made, but it doesn't really say anything. I spent the entire movie sitting there thinking, "This is really damn well-made and brilliantly directed, but what am I supposed to take away from this.

Anonymous said...

Its a shame Ordinary People's win is laughed at today its a far better best picture winner than something like Dances with Wolves, a film full of one dimensional characters and simplistic storytelling. OP is real, multi-layered, full of depth and amazing insight into the human behaviour. I agree it seems a bit dated but on an emotional level is holds up very well

koook160 (Robert MacFarlane) said...

Granted, I haven't seen The Shining or Altered States from this year either, and they both look like something up my alley.

Mark said...

I pick Raging Bull, mainly because I think Robert De Niro's performance is the best display of acting ever put on film. But that's just me.