Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Alternate Best Supporting Actor 2010

And the Nominees Were Not:

Ben Mendelsohn in Animal Kingdom

Sam Rockwell in Conviction

Andrew Garfield in The Social Network

Pierce Brosnan in The Ghost Writer

Chow Yun-Fat in Let the Bullets Fly


RatedRStar said...

oh wow thanks for reviewing Chow Yun Fat, Louis =D im gonna go for Chow Yun Fat, , the amount of energy and character he puts into the main villain is amazing.

Everyone else has to see Let The Bullets Fly (the film is extremely entertaining)

1)Chow Yun Fat
2)Sam Rockwell
3)Andrew Garfield
4)Pierce Brosman
5)Ben Mandelsohn

Michael Patison said...

1. Sam Rockwell
2. Andrew Garfield
3. Chow Yun-fat
4. Ben Mendelsohn
5. Pierce Brosnan

Maciej said...


Anonymous said...

I only nominate Garfield here. I'm shocked that Fassbender didn't make this lineup. Brosnan was very good as well. Mendelsohn is good, but not my favorite. I haven't seen Yun-Fat or Rockwell.

I'm guessing:

1) Mendelsohn
2) Brosnan
3) Yun-Fat
4) Garfield
5) Rockwell


1) Lonsdale/Of Gods and Men
2) Garfield/The Social Network & Never Let Me Go
3) Fassbender/Fish Tank
4) Hawkes/Winter's Bone
5) Lindsay/Four Lions

Louis Morgan said...

I put Fassbender in 09.

moviefilm said...

1) Sam Rockwell
2) Pierce Brosnan
3) Andrew Garfield
4) Yun Chat-Chow
5) Ben Mendelsohn

Lezlie said...

1. Chow Yun-Fat
2. Sam Rockwell
3. Andrew Garfield
4. Ben Mendelsohn
5. Pierce Brosnan

Robert MacFarlane said...

My guess:

1. Garfield
2. Mendelsohn
3. Yun-Fat
4. Brosnan
5. Rockwell

Anonymous said...

this is off topic but what did you make to the film The Constant Gardener and its performances?

Louis Morgan said...

I thought it was a pretty effective thriller even if I find evil corporation plots tiresome. Ralph Fiennes was very good, although I thought Weisz overplayed her role a little bit. The supporting cast was solid with the standout being Donald Sumpter.

Robert MacFarlane said...

Constant Gardener is my favorite film of 2005. Call it a testament to my overall distaste for that year as a whole. I'd have The Proposition as my choice in a heartbeat, but I go by Academy rules, so it's 2006.

RatedRStar said...

I really liked the Constant Gardener too, I hate 2005 for films but I liked this, Ralph Fiennes is really warm and loving in his shy guy role.

Mark said...

1. Garfield
2. Rockwell
3. Yun-Fat
4. Brosnan
5. Mendelsohn

houndtang said...

Not sure why everyone's putting Mendelsohn so low - he was genuinely chilling.

1. Mendelsohn
2. Garfield
3. Brosnan
4. Rockwell
5. Yun-Fat

Mark said...

Also just out of curiosity Louis, I was looking at your complete ranking of all the nominated and winning performances (because I think it's cool that you put so much effort into that and I like seeing where everyone ranks) and I noticed Edward Norton in American History X dropped almost 50 spots. Why is that?

Louis Morgan said...

I still think its a great performance I just feel I put it a little too high originally.

Mark said...

Oh ok. I still can't believe you ranked 400+ performances. That's nuts.

Anonymous said...

Just for future reference, I'd like to suggest Sharlto Copley for Best Actor 2009 for his tremendous performance in District 9.
1. Rockwell
2. Garfield
3. Brosnan
4. Mendelsohn
5. Chow Yun-Fat

Robert MacFarlane said...

2009 Lead Actor is going to be freaking packed. Just look:

Joseph Gordon-Levitt in (500)Days of Summer
Sharlto Copley in District 9
Michael Stuhlbarg in A Serious Man
Joaquin Phoenix in Two Lovers
Sam Rockwell in Moon
Viggo Mortensen in The Road
Tom Hardy in Bronson
Brad Pitt in Inglourious Basterds
Matt Damon in The Informant!
Ben Foster in The Messenger

Anonymous said...

koook: I put Brad Pitt in Supporting for Basterds. It doesn't really have a lead. But if it did, it wouldn't be him.

Robert MacFarlane said...

I... don't really object to that.