Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Third Anniversary of Best Actor and Another Oscar Line Up

Well it is the third anniversary of Best Actor, and I thought I might as well take a look at the performances that will return me to an official year.

The lead actor might be called the odd man out. Besides Daniel Day-Lewis any one of these actors could fall in favor of another. Not one of the other five are safe entirely it seems. One has to miss but who. Right now I will say Phoenix, but anyone besides honest Abe could lose out, maybe even two if Trintignant or Gere could show up just to spoil things for someone else. Although at the moment I would not count on those two.

Supporting Actor seems a little easier.
Sag could easily line up but five previous Oscar winners have never been nominated in this category before, not even five previous nominees.
Well maybe it could be five previous nominees instead, if the academy decides to trade one villain for another.
Again only previous winners, and two of them playing similar roles to their winning roles, it seems unlikely but this year it could happen.

I do not think the first four are locks. Jones is. The rest ehh likely but not assured. Also I do feel a new nominees could appear maybe Dwight Henry or Eddie Redmayne although I would not put my money on them for the moment. Even a surprise like Samuel L. Jackson could happen.

I must say one thing I do love about this year is how many previous winners and nominees are in the running leaving both the winners and nominees in question, which is the way I like things.


Anonymous said...

I think Day-Lewis and Jackman are safe for Best Actor. I hope Cooper gets in, I thought he was great.

Supporting Actor seems like it'll be Arkin, Hoffman, Jones, De Niro and someone else. Who that "someone else" will be is anyone's guess.

dinasztie said...

I have no idea who'll win Supporting Actor. TLJ is a lock for a nod, but a win? I just can't see that. Maybe DeNiro could win or they decide to reward Leo finally.

Actor is easier, I agree with your line-up. I hope, though, that Jean-Louis Trintignant gets in because he' better than the others combined. Otherwise, an easy win for DDL.

Lezlie said...

I have yet to see plenty of the likely nominees. So far I've only seen DDl, Jackman, TLJ and Javier :S But I hope I'll get to the others soon. It would be nice if they just left out one of the veterans in the supporting category (based on what I've read before here and there, Alan Arkin) and nominate both Leo and Javier :) And although TLJ seems to be the frontrunner now, if we can call him one, he doesn't feel like a winner. Though I haven't seen Leo yet, I'm rooting for him for the moment :D If both he and DDL could pull off a win, my top two Oscar wishes would come true in the same year :D

Maciej said...

Happy New Year Louis and all of you guys! :)

A very tricky year to predict. Of all the performances, I have only seen Arkin, so I won't be judging them in the terms of quality. As you have already said, all of the leading men have a chance - and true, Trintignant might be a dark horse in this race. If I had to cross out one of them, it would be Jackman. Academy loves musicals, but when it comes to acting they prefer to nominate ladies. And also Gere doesn't seem to get much love from Academy, either. So my line-up would be (in random order):

Supporting category is also even trickier. Arkin, Hoffman and Jones are locks in my opinion. De Niro is also very likely to get a nomination after so many years of absence from Oscars and (let's face it)acting in not-so-ambitious movies in the past few years. I would also cross out Bardem - Bond movies never got much love in acting categories (just thing of snubbing Connery for so many times) Waltz has a slightly smaller chance, and so does Jackson (but I've heard he's amazing. DiCaprio is a strong candidate and has a quite strong chance of winning, too. My line-up (again, random order):
1.De Niro

Anonymous said...

Im hoping DiCaprio beats Jones this time round.

dinasztie said...

BTW Happy New Year, Louis! :)

mrripley said...

I don't get the tommy lee jones love at all it seemed like a standard shouty,gruff tlj perforamnce to me some of the others were better,hoffman was miles better,i also liked dwight henry botsw and brian geraghty in flight,i think jackman loses a nom,i think it will be the shock snub,what about the actresses/

Anonymous said...

Yea Jones is overrated in Lincoln. Id rather see someone else win. Happy New Year Louis! and Everyone!, looking forward to reading your reviews, keep up the great work

mrripley said...

I just saw tlj shouting,scowling and generally giving us the same performance he usually gives bar his 2007 work were he tried much harder.

it's like last years jonah hill nod.

Anonymous said...

Yea he was masterful in JFK and No Country. I wouldnt have minded if he won Oscars for those performances, but he's so undeserving for both Lincoln and The Fugitive (where he beat 3 all time great supporting actor performances).

RatedRStar said...

if Jean Louis takes out Joaquin Phoenix or Washington ill be happy, I fully expect DDL, Jackman and Cooper to get in now.

dinasztie said...

I actually really like Alan Arkin's performance. It's really underrated. Argo (and his performance) sort of grew on me over the last couple of weeks.

I definitely think he'll be nominated and he even has a chance of winning. If he takes SAG and the Globe (they might feel they snubbed her last time and want to make up for it).

That being said, my money is on DeNiro at the moment, sight unseen (as I said).

Anonymous said...

Im suprised people arnt that high on Phoenix here, I thought he was brilliant. His best work and I generally dislike him and his other performances.

Anonymous said...

Thank you, now I don't have to wait any longer.

joe burns said...

I find it hard to believe that Jones will win, it just doesn't seem like an Oscar performance. I'm sure Day-Lewis will win Best Actor though..