Sunday, 2 December 2012

Alternate Best Supporting Actor 2003: Results

5. Albert Finney in Big Fish- Finney gives a fairly simplistic performance, but appropriately so. He fills his role with the right charm and warmth necessary.
4. Peter Sarsgaard in Shattered Glass-Sarsgaard gives an understated and effective performance in his depiction of a editor who slowly sees his popular writer for the liar he is.
3. Paul Bettany in Master and Commander-Bettany another good understated performance this year as a quiet source of reason and warmth on a war ship.
2. Sean Astin- The Return of The King- Astin capitalizes on his work from the previous film fully realizes his character with a powerful passion.
1. Kevin Bacon in Mystic River- This was the battle of the subtle, and understated really. I must say that this is most certainly a toss up, really I hate to put Sargaard fourth but I don't really feel him as fourth. I really liked all four equally and I basically just had to pick one. Bacon is my choice at the moment giving a moving performance, that is again very understated, that finds a way to give the best performance of his film. (I have changed Bacon over to lead as looking at his character has a strong perspective in the film and really is co-lead.)
Overall Rank:
  1. Sean Astin in The Return of the King
  2. Paul Bettany in Master and Commander
  3. Peter Sarsgaard in Shattered Glass
  4. Ian McKellen in The Return of the King
  5. Viggo Mortensen in The Return of the King
  6. Albert Finney in Big Fish
  7. James Caan in Dogville
  8. Yoo Ji-Tae in Oldboy
  9. Sonny Chiba in Kill Bill Vol 1  
  10. Robert Duvall in Gods and Generals 
  11. Laurence Fishburne in Mystic River
  12. Brian Cox in X2
  13. Stellan Skarsgaard in Dogville
  14. Geoffrey Rush in The Curse of the Black Pearl
  15. Bernard Hill in The Return of the King
  16. Sam Rockwell in Matchstick Men
  17. Elijah Wood in The Return of the King
  18. Bobby Cannavale in The Station Agent
  19. Ruben Blades in Once Upon a Time In Mexico
  20. Brendan Gleeson in Cold Mountain 
  21. Ben Gazzara in Dogville
  22. Alan Cumming in X2
  23. Cillian Murphy in Cold Mountain
  24. Ken Watanabe in The Last Samurai
  25. Kevin Conway in Gods and Generals
  26. Christopher Lee in The Return of the King
  27. Chris Cooper in Seabiscuit 
  28. Andy Serkis in The Return of the King
  29. Michael Parks in Kill Bill Vol. 1
  30. Billy Boyd in Return of the King 
  31. Bill Nighy in Love Actually
  32. Ian McKellen in X2
  33. Jeff Bridges in Seabiscuit
  34. Gene Hackman in Runaway Jury
  35. Patrick Stewart in X2
  36. Liam Neeson in Love Actually
  37. Mickey Rourke in Once Upon a Time in Mexico
  38. William H. Macy in Seabiscuit
  39. Dustin Hoffman in Runaway Jury
  40. Tom Guiry in Mystic River
  41. Michael Caine in Secondhand Lions
  42. Hank Azaria in Shattered Glass
  43. Judah Friedlander in American Splendor
  44. David Wenham in The Return of the King 
  45. Billy Crudup in Big Fish 
  46. Philip Seymour Hoffman in Cold Mountain 
  47. Alan Rickman in Love Actually 
  48. Steve Buscemi in Big Fish
  49. James D'Arcy in Master and Commander
  50. John Rhys Davies in The Return of the King 
  51. Alec Baldwin in The Cooler
  52. No-shik Park in Memories of Murder
  53. Hugh Grant in Love Actually
  54. Colin Firth in Love Actually
  55. Danny DeVito in Big Fish
  56. Hugo Weaving in The Return of the King
  57. Roe-ha Kim in Memories of Murder
  58. Bruce McGill in Matchstick Men
  59. Willem Dafoe in Once Upon A Time in Mexico
  60. Orlando Bloom in The Return of the King
  61. Dominic Monaghan in The Return of the King
  62. Aaron Stanford in X-2
  63. Djimon Honsou in In America 
  64. Shawn Ashmore in X-2
  65. John Noble in The Return of the King 
  66. Ron Eldard in House of Sand and Fog
Next Year: 1984 Supporting 


koook160 (Robert MacFarlane) said...

Let's see, 1984 is a toughie:

James Woods in Once Upon a Time in America
Robert Englund in A Nightmare on Elm Street
John Candy in Splash
Jeffrey Jones in Amadeus

I can't think of a fifth.

koook160 (Robert MacFarlane) said...

Also, John Noble would have been bottom of the list for me.

Michael Patison said...

For 1984:
Anthony Michael Hall in Sixteen Candles
Jeffrey Jones in Amadeus
Rob Reiner in This Is Spinal Tap
Denzel Washington in A Soldier's Story
James Woods in Once Upon a Time in America

I really couldn't think of a 4th or a 5th so I just threw in Denzel and Reiner

Michael Patison said...

And Noble would be about where you've ranked him. I thought he effectively portrayed the inability his character has to understand his own situation and his own children and I came to truly despise him and I actually think I cheered when he jumped off the cliff. I thought he was effective.

Maciej said...

1.Jeffrey Jones - Amadeus
2.James Woods - Once Upon a Time in America
3.John Malkovich - The Killing Fields
4.Denzel Washington - A Soldier's Story

RatedRStar said...

Jeffrey Jones - Amadeus
James Woods - Once Upon a Time in America
Robert Preston - The Last Starfighter
Harold Ramis - Ghostbusters
William Atherton - Ghostbusters
Richard Burton - Nineteen Eighty Four
Rob Reiner in This Is Spinal Tap

mrripley said...

Could I suggest hecor elizondo in The flamingo kid,heartbreaking.

Maciej said...

Oh yeah, I'd add Burton for 1984 as well :)

Paoloduncan said...

Jeffrey jones - Amadeus
Dan Aykroyd - Ghostbusters
James Woods - OUATIA (my overall winner)
James Fox - a passage to india
Dean Stockwell - Paris, Texas

Edward L. said...

I'm so glad you went with Kevin Bacon for the number one spot!

For 1984, how about:

Nick Apollo Forte, Broadway Danny Rose
John Ashton, Beverly Hills Cop
G. W. Bailey, Police Academy
Danny DeVito, Romancing the Stone
Judge Reinhold, Beverly Hills Cop