Friday, 3 August 2012

Alternate Best Actor 1937

And the Nominees Were Not:

Oliver Hardy in Way Out West

Stan Laurel in Way Out West

Cary Grant in The Awful Truth

Claude Rains in They Won't Forget

Victor Moore in Make Way For Tomorrow


RatedRStar said...

I think Laurel and Hardy will finish last, on the basis that I always thought they were good at everything they did, but I dont see 5 star in them, Grant was great but again its not a 5 star performance.

I think its a two horse race between Rains and Moore as they seem more 5 star and both are dramatic performances.

1.Victor Moore
2.Claude Rains
3.Cary Grant
4.Oliver Hardy
5.Stan Laurel

Michael Patison said...

My guess is:
1. Grant
2. Moore
3. Rains
4. And 5. Laurel and Hardy (in no particular order)

Anonymous said...

I wish Grant will win sometime! When you do 1941 you should include his performance in Suspicion which I think is his best, and maybe he could win!! Also 1940 (The Philadelphia Story and His Girl Friday), 1959 (North By Northwest), 1946 (Notorious), 1963 (Charade), 1938 (Holiday and Bringing Up Baby) and 1944 (Arsenic and Old Lace).

Michael Patison said...

If I need to put my last two in a specific order to qualify for the rankings competition thing, I'll go Hardy followed my Laurel.

Also, in addition to all of the Cary Grant performances above, you could consider him in 1939 (Only Have Wings) for actor and in 1933 (I'm No Angel) for supporting.

Michael Patison said...

I meant to put Only Angels Have Wings

Maciej said...

3.Hardy & Laurel

Anonymous said...

Tough lineup, but I'll give it a try:

1. Cary
2. Claude
3. Victor
4. Stan
5. Oliver


RatedRStar said...

perhaps I suggest Claude Rains for consideration too much lol (cant help it I'm a fan) as theres about 7 years that ill probably suggest him for lol.

dinasztie said...

Only seen Grant but I'm so glad you're reviewing Oliver-Hardy. :)

Edward L. said...

So pleased to see you're doing Laurel and Hardy. Way Out West is my favourite feature of theirs. And Cary Grant is terrific in The Awful Truth. I haven't seen the other two performances, but I've heard that Make Way For Tomorrow is excellent, and when is Claude Rains NOT excellent?!

My predictions:

1. Cary Grant
2. Claude Rains
3. Oliver Hardy
4. Stan Laurel
5. Victor Moore

I seriously love your blog!