Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Best Supporting Actor 1998

And The Nominees Were:

Robert Duvall in A Civil Action

Billy Bob Thornton in A Simple Plan

James Coburn in Affliction

Geoffrey Rush in Shakespeare in Love

Ed Harris in The Truman Show


Anonymous said...

Quite a medicore year, I have to admit. I've seen all of them and although none of them was really bad (except Rush), there wasn't an exceptionally good performance either.


RatedRStar said...

Duvall was good, Harris was dull and lifeless, Thorton and Coburn were average, Rush was just plain odd.

1.Robert Duvall
2.Billy Bob Thorton
3.James Coburn
4.Geoffrey Rush
5.Ed Harris

RatedRStar said...

I like the Truman Show, just not Harris lol

Oscargrouching said...

Moore in Boogie Nights is my next review , I know you guys have been waiting for it :)

mrripley said...

I feel it is quite strong,would have preferred rush to make it for elizabeth and maybe woulda liked to see jason patric and dylan baker here,my vote is for harris whom i think creates sucha strange but wonderful character,duvall overplays for me,thornton is quite heartbreaking and coburn good with a ltd cliched part.

Oscargrouching said...

Moore's review is finished .

Louis Morgan said...

I don't want to sound rude, but I have made it so I follow your blog, so you don't have to announce here every time you make a new post.

Oscargrouching said...

ok sorry lol .

Oscargrouching said...

Not the best year for me , I'd pick Billy .

Anonymous said...

I haven't seen Duvall but I'm sure he's good. The others are all okay, I don't have clear favorite.

Anonymous said...

1.Coburn- simply astonishing performance. His alcoholic abusive father is one of the best performances this category ever seen IMO.
2.Billy Bob Thornton- Very close second, fantastic performance in a fantastic movie.
3.Geoffrey Rush- Again amazing movie and great comic performance.
4.Ed Harris- Never understood appeal over this performance, movie is great but Jim Carey deserves much more credit for it.
5. Robert Duvall- I remember nothing about this movie.

moviefilm said...

1) James Coburn
2) Billy Bob Thorton
3) Geoffrey Rush
4) Ed Harris
5) Robert Duvall (he only is really boring in this great year)