Sunday, 27 May 2012

Best Supporting Actor 1951

And the Nominees Were:

Gig Young in Come Fill the Cup 

Kevin McCarthy in Death of a Salesman

Karl Malden in A Streetcar Named Desire 

Peter Ustinov in Quo Vadis

Leo Genn in Quo Vadis


RatedRStar said...

In which case out of these four people I think its a two horse race.

1.Karl Malden
2.Peter Ustinov
3.Kevin McCarthy
4.Leo Genn

(Gig Young would have been third since he is usually good)

RatedRStar said...

I just noticed, Peter Ustinov looks like he has pink lipstick on hehe =D xx

Anonymous said...

Damn shame about "Come Fill the Cup", I was looking forward to you reviewing Young... Anyway, Malden is an easy winner, one of the very best supporting performances ever! Ustinov was quite good in an awful movie and Genn barely did anything in an awful movie :P Haven't seen McCarthy.


Anonymous said...

Karl Malden should win:

1. Karl
2. Kevin
3. Peter
4. Leo


Anonymous said...

I thought I could help you out because I had a copy of Come Fill the Cup, but turns out mine stops working at the 40 minute mark. :/

Michael Patison said...

1. Malden
2. Ustinov
3. McCarthy
4. Genn

moviefilm said...

1) Karl Malden
2) Kevin McCarthy
3) Peter Ustinov
4) Leo Genn

dshultz said...

Malden. Only seen Ustinov of the others.

Anonymous said...

Karl Malden has to take this and has to be number one of all time!! He was perfect as Mitch, the best male supporting performance of all time without a doubt!!