Sunday, 6 May 2012

Best Supporting Actor 1942

And the Nominees Were:

Frank Morgan in Tortilla Flat

Henry Travers in Mrs. Miniver

Van Heflin in Johnny Eager

William Bendix in Wake Island

Walter Huston in Yankee Doodle Dandy


Anonymous said...

Haven't seen any of them, so I'll just have a wild guess :)


RatedRStar said...

I would go with Heflin I think, havnt seen any them though so this is purely a guess.

1.Van Heflin
2.Walter Huston
3.William Bendix
4.Henry Travers
5.Frank Morgan

Fritz said...

This year is a black hole to me. I've seen Travers but don't think much of him and have no idea about the others...

RatedRStar said...

I'm currently watching Tortilla Flat as of this moment on youtube, and John Garfield is really annoying me in this film.

RatedRStar said...

Claude Rains should have been nominated for Now Voyager, one of his best.

Oscargrouching said...

You guys can request any year on my blog , but next will be 2006 .

moviefilm said...

1) Henry Travers
2) Van Heflin
3) Walter Houston
4) William Bendix
5) Frank Morgan