Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Best Supporting Actor 1958: Results

5. Arthur Kennedy in Some Came Running- Kennedy gives a rather uninteresting performance in a very dispensable part.
4. Theodore Bikel in The Defiant Ones- Bikel gives an adequate performance that fulfills his role as the humane sheriff.
3. Gig Young in Teacher's Pet- Gig Young gives a rather enjoyable performance being funny both when he is the perfect pompous man, to just a man with a very bad hangover.
2. Lee J. Cobb in The Brothers Karamazov- Although he is not in a great film Cobb makes the most out of his performance. He turns his bad father into an effectively realistic villain who is just as much of a buffoon as he is a master manipulator.
1. Burl Ives in The Big Country- Good prediction Eddie and Fritz. Ives gives the best performance of all of the nominees despite the fact that his film is quite lacking on a whole. Ives though never becomes the mediocrity of his surroundings though and gives a powerful moving portrait of troubled landowner and father, that frankly finds complexities to the part that probably were not even in the character as written.
Deserving Performances:
Orson Welles in Touch of Evil
Burl Ives in Cat on a Hot Tin Roof


RatedRStar said...

has Burl Ives got 5 or 4.5 because on original review he has 4.5 whereas here he has 5. =).

I have a feeling one from the 2000s or 60s will be next.

Anonymous said...

Can you please do 63 or 08 next please?

Louis Morgan said...

I would do 63 but unfortunately I have yet to find a copy of Twilight of Honor so I will be doing a different year from the 60's.

dinasztie said...

Thumbs up for the Orson mention. :)

Gustavo said...

I much prefer Ives in CAT ON A HOT THIN ROOF... :(