Sunday, 1 January 2012

Second Anniversary of Best Actor and a New Year

Well it has been the second year now of my reviews, and I must say I am interested to return to the Best Actor category, and look forward to the nominees annoucement.

Here seems the likely nominees but they might also be if Sag is a predictor:

And perhaps the Academy will finally decide that is a mistake that Gary Oldman has not been nominated before:

Or maybe one of these two could surprise:

It could any of these way or a Hodge Podge of the alternates in the last two spots, since Fassbender is not even a lock. This year is most certainly hard to predict but I wish it was even more unpredictable though as three of the nominees seem to be sewn up, this is not commenting on their quality (I have so far only seen Pitt) I just enjoy unpredictable nominations.

The unpredictability of this year's races seems to go even more so for my other category Best Supporting Actor.

This outcome to me seems the most likely with it being a very veteran actor centered year with all of them being previously nominees except for Hill.

Or it could stay with veteran actors but add an even older one to the mix:
Or Sag could be a predictor:
Or Just maybe the Golden Globe will be the predictor:
This year is even harder to predict than actor. The reason for this is because Plummer feels like he is to be the only absolute lock.


Anonymous said...

Great job on the reviews Louis, always enjoyed reading them. Im curious to see your thoughts on Clooney in The Descendants, much like yourself I never really got the hype over his acting at all.

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year! I wish you only good movies to watch :) Well, I think that your 1st prediction will be correct (Pitt, Dujardin, Clooney, Fassbender & Di Caprio), but it would be great if Oldman gets finally nominated - he was great in "Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy", although Academy doesn't seem to love him much, and he wasn't even nominated for GG or SAG award...

What do you think of the supporting category for 2011?

RatedRStar said...

I really hope Viggo Mortensen gets in over Nick Nolte, he is much more diverse as an actor.

dinasztie said...

For some reason, I feel that Demian Bichir will make it like Melissa Leo 2 years ago.

Supporting Actor is very hard to predict. I predict your first line-up with Nolte and Hill though I don't think Hill is that much of a lock, only Brooks, Branagh and Plummer. :)

Who do you think will win? Right now I'm saying Clooney and Plummer but Pitt is very likely, too.

Michael Patison said...

My issue is that I loved The Tree of Life and felt that Hunter McCracken gave an absolutely powerhouse performance but unfortunately won't get lead actor consideration. I personally feel that Plummer will win. He was great. I would hope that Brooks, Mortensen, and von Sydow would be the other 3 nominees, with Rickman getting on for HP if they don't take McCracken. Rickman's depiction of the conflicted Snape was heart-wrenching. If they don't take Mortensen or von Sydow, I would then add Branagh.

RatedRStar said...

I will be really pissd off if George Clooney wins over someone who deserves it like Dujardin or Fassbender, he doesnt deserve it at all he plays the same sly cool guy in every film except Syriana

Louis Morgan said...

Anonymous1: I do look forward to watching Clooney just so I can comment on his prospects at winning since I refuse to comment on an actor's prospective work, even if I have not liked most of his previous work. I sincerely hope Clooney is much better than his previous two lead nominations although that does not mean he will be.

Dinasztie: I agree Bichir has a very strong chance.

I find only Plummer to be the lock because Brooks did not get Sag, although that could have been something like all the voters thought everyone else had been voting for Brooks. Branagh has been nominated a lot but not one anything yet suggesting that people like his performance, but do not love his performance enough to give him the win. I do think he is close to being a lock, just his lack of wins means that if we get off the wall nominations he could easily one who makes it. The reason I think Hill is a likely nominee, even if it might seem strange for him to be a nominee based on his previous work, is that usually a nominee is a one of the best picture nominees and at the moment it seems Moneyball is the only supporting actor contender that will have a best picture nomination.

I would say Actor winner at the moment seems like it could go anyway, at the moment only though. Plummer seems he will get the win since his main competition Brooks was snubbed at Sag.

Michael Patison: I would say McCracken cannot get in. Rickman seems unlikely as well unless Potter makes a big surprise, but I would say he seems to have no chance at the moment unless he gets a Bafta nomination, but even that will not guarantee him an Oscar

RatedRStar: Well I might agree with you once I see his performance, I might disagree too, it all depends on the actual performance.

dshultz said...
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dshultz said...

In my opinion, I think that the performances this year in general are much better than those of last year. I think Dujardin, Fassbender and Oldman all deserve 5 Jacks, I'd give Di Caprio and Shannon 4.5, Clooney and Pitt each get 4, and I haven't seen anyone else. Oh, and Michael Patison? Hunter McCracken gave a 5 Jack worthy performance. An amazing debut for a powerful young actor.

mrripley said...

Shame that Dicaprio's movie let him down a bit but my good you'd think Schwarzenegger was the lead the way some bloggers have gone on about him & his film,i found him to be v good not his best but some scenes where very well played.

dshultz said...


Schwarzenegger? What is it that you're talking about?

Michael Patison said...

I think he's saying that Schwarzenegger isn't a very good actor. Unlike the Terminator, he won't be back, at least as far as good acting is concerned, because he never was all that good. Muscular, menacing, and Austrian, most definitely. But adept at acting, not in a million years, or less if the apocalypse comes in December.