Thursday, 12 January 2012

Best Supporting Actor 2004

And the Nominees Were:

Alan Alda in The Aviator

Thomas Haden Church in Sideways

Morgan Freeman in Million Dollar Baby

Clive Owen in Closer

Jamie Foxx in Collateral


Anonymous said...

Clive Owen for thewin!

Anonymous said...

Church or Owen for the win

RatedRStar said...

Clive Owen was a good scene stealer and should have won since he won the bafta and globe and was way better than freeman although he was good too.

1.Clive Owen
2.Thomas Haden Church
3.Morgan Freeman
4.Alan Alda
5.Jamie Foxx

RatedRStar said...

I felt Tom Cruise should have been nominated over Foxx

RatedRStar said...

A good year though as I dont think theres a single bad performance.

dinasztie said...

I'm all for Thomas Haden Church but I haven't seen Owen. Foxx was fine, I don't remember Alda and I hate Million Dollar Baby. Freeman was quite dreary.


moviefilm said...

I´ve seen all of them, but Owen. Here´s my prediction:

1) Clive Owen
2) Thomas Haden Church
3) Alan Alda (He was excellent)
4) Morgan Freeman
5) Jamie Foxx (he was lead, but nothing special, actually :)

Anonymous said...

To be honest, I'd have to watch "Million Dollar Baby" again - I've seen it few years ago, and I wasn't impressed by it... Can't remember anything about Freeman except he left no impression on me whatsoever.

5. Foxx
4. Alda
3. Freeman
2. Church
1. Owen

Anonymous said...

Church is about the only thing I like about Sideways, but I'd still go with Owen. He's great. Freeman and Alda are very forgettable, and I haven't seen Foxx.

Anonymous said...

Clive Owen, who is actually co-lead, or Thomas Haden Church:

1 Clve Owen
2 Thomas Haden Church
3 Morgan Freeman
4 Alan Alda
5 Jamie Foxx


dshultz said...

For me it's either Thomas Haden Church or Clive Owen, terrific performances from those two. Alda wasn't given enough to do, Baldwin should have been nominated instead. Freeman's win was a total make up on the part of the Academy. And how did Foxx get nominated for 2 terrible performances in the same year? Isn't there a rule against that?