Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Best Supporting Actor 1964: Results

5. Edmond O'Brien in Seven Days in May- O'Brien has limited opportunities due to the nature of the film, but he still manages to realize his alcoholic senator quite well.
4. Lee Tracy in The Best Man- Tracy is good in showing the differences between his warm great facade, and his cynical side he shows behind close doors.
3. Stanley Holloway in My Fair Lady- Stanley Holloway gives a very enjoyable performance that is very entertaining, he also handles his songs incredibly well making them some of the best moments of the film.
2. John Gielgud in Becket- Gielgud although is in the film for less than ten minutes makes a substantial impression instantly bringing Louis to life as a charismatic, humorous, and strong willed King.
1. Peter Ustinov in Topkapi- Good Prediction Dinasztie. This is a very good year actually with all of the nominees giving good performances. The best though is easily Peter Ustinov even though to be fair he had an advantage since he is the lead of his film. Ustinov nonetheless gives an absolutely hilarious performance, that makes Arthur Simpson a wonderful endearing character that is joy to follow through the film's story.


joe burns said...

1964 looks like a very strong year for movies!

I thought Ustinov would maintain his win!

dinasztie said...

YAAAAY! :D This is a strong year, isn't it? The winner was fantastic, at least.

What's next? I would be very interested in 1982. :D

Anonymous said...

I think it will be one of the 00's year next, maybe 2005 or 2008?

Louis Morgan said...

Dinasztie: A very strong year, I year with one great performances and 4 solid ones is always much better than a year with 2 great performances, and 3 bad ones.

I will keep 81 in mind.

Anonymous: It will be in the 00's but it won't be either of those years yet.

Anonymous said...

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