Thursday, 5 January 2012

Best Supporting Actor 1959: Results

5. Ed Wynn in The Diary of Anne Frank- Ed Wynn, although not the most memorable of the cast, still gives a performance showing another honest portrait of a man living in a terrible situation, and he does add a little humor nicely enough when he can.
4. Robert Vaughn in The Young Philadelphians- Although Vaughn mostly gives functional work for the most of the film he makes up for it in two pivotal scenes where he nails the pain and trauma that his character is going through.
3. Arthur O'Connell in Anatomy of a Murder- O'Connell has a nice supporting turn offering a charming and warm presence in the film, and as well succeeds with the slightly more dramatic material also needed of him.
2. Hugh Griffith in Ben-Hur- Griffith is the comic relief purely and simply and he suceeds completely at being so. In his few scenes he successfully lightens the mood, and offers some much needed laughs for his film.
1. George C. Scott in Anatomy of a Murder- George C. Scott easily takes the win though in what one could almost argue is the simplest character of the nominees yet Scott makes it so he has the greatest impact out of all the nominees. His performance as Dancer is an intense piece of acting that absolute holds your attention on screen. Every second he has Scott makes the most of, and is the perfect rival for James Stewart in that film.
Deserving Performances:
Joseph Schildkraut in The Diary of Anne Frank
Stephen Boyd in Ben-Hur
Laurence Olivier in The Devil's Disciple
James Mason in North by Northwest


RatedRStar said...

A surprisingly strong year as many people dont usually talk about 1959 in terms of movies except Ben Hur.

my suggestions would be 63,75,99 or 2004 purely because they tough for me to predict to win lol =D

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you remembered James Mason in North by Northwest as a deserving performance; he was great.


dinasztie said...

Well, I'm very happy that you picked Scott. He's just amazing.

Louis Morgan said...

RatedRStar: The next year is one I have already decided on, but one of your suggestions will be after next year.

dshultz said...

Scott was terrific in this movie, and I still maintain that he was great in The Hospital, but oh well.