Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Best Supporting Actor 1971: Results

5. Leonard Frey in Fiddler on the Roof- Leonard Frey gives an enunciation and energetic performance that might be a bit much, but is fitting for the part.
4. Richard Jaeckel in Sometimes a Great Notion- Jaeckel is barely noticeable most of the film, although he is always fine when he is on screen, but his final scene is quite effective.
3. Roy Scheider in The French Connection- Scheider although never has a scene really to himself or his character he gives a realistic performance that more than fulfills the requirements of his role.
2. Jeff Bridges in The Last Picture Show- Bridges gives a performance that I can never say wows me, but it is always a good consistently realistic turn that brings to life the confusion of his character.
1. Ben Johnson in The Last Picture Show- Johnson easily earns my win this year as Sam the Lion. Johnson creates a haunting and humane portrait of a man who stands for a certain noble dying nature.
Deserving Performances:
Andrew Robinson in Dirty Harry
Fernando Rey in The French Connection
Jack Albertson in Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory


Anonymous said...

I thought Johnson would win, could you please do 2005 or 1963 next Louis?

dinasztie said...

I agree with your pick. :)

Anonymous said...

Wow, you're really fast!!! I definitely agree about Ben Johnson! Please 1951 next!!!

RatedRStar said...

51 or 46 would be my suggestions

Dangwqv said...

51 or 46 would be my suggestions