Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Best Supporting Actor 1971: Leonard Frey in Fiddler on the Roof

Leonard Frey received his only Oscar nomination for portraying Motel Kamzoil in Fiddler on the Roof.

Leonard Frey portrays Motel Kamzoil the poor tailor who is love with the eldest daughter Tzeitel of the milkman Tevye (Topol). Motel is only a small aspect of the story, and is a rather modest character as well. Motel though is quite passionate in his love for Tzeitel, and does insist on being her husband even though she has been matched with a different man.

Frey gives an energetic and enthusiastic performance, perhaps a little too enthusiastic frankly with how much he puts into each of his expressions and reactions. It is a musical though and he is in line with many of the performances found in the film with his particular enthusiasm, and it certainly makes sense for his character who is very passionate for his love.

Frey though most of the time is barely even noticeable in the film which technically is fitting for his character but does not make his performance especially compelling either. Frey mostly is as he should be since Motel should be quite the modest individual who never is suppose to really stand out much, except when it comes to Tzeitel or his sewing machine which will make his sewing far easier.

He also has a song number to himself and he does through a lot of energy into his single song that is again quite appropriate to Motel who is quite passionate when he needs to be. In the end still it is hard for me to say this is all that much of a performance. It isn't really bad at all, even if he might be a bit much at times, but he never makes Motel overly special either.


dinasztie said...

I love the movie but he was nothing special.

RatedRStar said...

I can tell my predictions have failed lol =D

Anonymous said...

Haven't seen it but Frey was great in the contemporaneous The Boys in the Band - probably should have got a nom for that

Michael Patison said...

Actually haven't seem this one yet. I was in my high school's production of it a few years ago as the rabbi's son, Mendel. I need to see this one though as I really love the musical itself