Thursday, 22 December 2011

Best Supporting Actor 1946

And the Nominees Were:

Claude Rains in Notorious

Charles Coburn in The Green Years

Harold Russell in The Best Years of Our Lives

Clifton Webb in The Razor's Edge

William Demarest in The Jolson Story


Fritz said...

I really like Harold Russell's performance, very moving.

I never knew that Coburn received another nomination in this category!

RatedRStar said...

I want my hero (Claude Rains) to win, this was his best performance, but I'm worried that he'll lose again lol =D.

1.Claude Rains
2.Harold Russell
3.Charles Coburn
4.Clifton Webb
5.William Demarest

dinasztie said...

I would actually go with Rains but you'll pick Russell who's deserving as well.


I would be VERY interested in 1944. :) I hope you do it. :D

moviefilm said...

1) Harold Russell
2) Claude Rains
3) Clifton Webb
4) William Demarest
5) Charles Coburn

Anonymous said...

I hope Claude Rains wins.

1. Claude Rains
2. Harold Russell
3. Clifton Webb
4. Charles Coburn
5. William Demarest


Anonymous said...

Claude Rain, he was amazing! I've never truly understood the brilliance of Russell, sadly I always see it as some sort of pity award, although I think he was actually good.

joe burns said...

Harold Russell for the win!!!!!!!