Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Best Supporting Actor 2007: Results

5. Philip Seymour Hoffman in Charlie Wilson's War- Hoffman gives a consistently dead pan performance that handles the dialogue and the style of the film better than anyone else in the film.
4. Hal Holbrook in Into the Wild- Holbrook has little screentime but when he is one screen he gives a nice warm performance, that creates a fairly moving portrait of a lonely man. 
3. Tom Wilkinson in Michael Clayton- Wilkinson is very loud almost throughout his performance. It comes fairly close to being over the top, but not quite, since Wilkinson still gives a fairly effective, and entertaining performance.
2. Javier Bardem in No Country For Old Men- Bardem gives a marvelous villainous turn as Anton Chigurh. Bardem creates a chilling portrait of  a killer with zero empathy for his victims. Bardem though also manages to avoid making Chigurh one dimensional adding a good amount of subtle dark humor to his performance as well.
1. Casey Affleck in The Assassination of Jesse James By The Coward Robert Ford- Affleck simply gives an incredible performance as Robert Ford. There is not a single false moments in this entire performance. Affleck completely fulfills the role, and never fails to brings out the emotional complexity of Robert Ford to life.
Deserving Performances:
Tommy Lee Jones in No Country For Old Men
Albert Finney in Before The Devil Knows Your Dead
Timothy Dalton in Hot Fuzz


dinasztie said...

Wow! I'm surprised Wilkinson only got a 3. I really liked him. He was really great. But the Top 2 is so great. I would maybe vote for Bardem because he's not clearly leading like Affleck. And I don't think Affleck is that much better than him.

Fritz said...

A really wonderful year but I would give more points to Wilkinson.

Anonymous said...

Love your picks. Hopefully 1992 next?

RatedRStar said...

What about 92, 99 or perhaps even 55 maybe =) and Im very happy you added Timothy Dalton =D he was great

dshultz said...

I too am glad that you included Dalton, he was soooo good in hot fuzz, he was so amusingly terrifying, I don't know what to say. I agree with this rating though, it should have been thus.

Anonymous said...

Tommy Lee Jones! It's hard to judge if that is leading though.

Anonymous said...

I completely agree with you're pick of Tommy Lee Jones! Such an underrated performance.

Louis Morgan said...

Dinasztie: Well Bardem also is sort of lead as well.

Fritz: I used to like Wilkinson more, but this rewatch left me underwhelmed.

Anonymous: Maybe

RatedRStar: One of those will be next.

Dshultz: Glad you like Dalton as well.

Sage: I would say really Bardem, Brolin, and Jones could have been placed in either category and I would have been fine with it.

moviefilm said...

It is not happening very often, but have the same opinion... :)

C.J. O'Dell said...

My rankings would be:
1. Javier Bardem for No Country for Old Men. 100 out of 100 (A+).
2. Casey Affleck for The Assassination of Jesse James By The Coward Robert Ford. 95 out of 100 (A).
3. Tom Wilkinson for Michael Clayton. 75 out of 100 (B).
4. Philip Seymour Hoffman for Charlie Wilson's War. 70 out of 100 (B-).
5. Hal Holbrook for Into the Wild. 60 out of 100 (C+).

Connor Olen said...

when you do your alternate 2007, please please please please PLEASE talk about Dustin Hoffman in Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium.

It is a CRIMINALLY overlooked performance in a CRIMINALLY overlooked film. Even though the trailers make it look like silly little kids film without much substance, it's so much more. To me, it is the film that defines the word 'magic.' And Hoffman is
brilliant in it.

So, check it out. You won't be disappointed