Sunday, 30 October 2011

Best Supporting Actor 1973

And the Nominees Were:

Jason Miller in The Exorcist

Randy Quaid in The Last Detail

John Houseman in The Paper Chase

Vincent Gardenia in Bang the Drum Slowly

Jack Gilford in Save the Tiger


RatedRStar said...

ah I see, well Jason Miller was good, Quaid was good too, Gilford was fine although not much more than that I didnt think, havnt seen the others unfortunately although I've heard decent things about Houseman.

1.Jason Miller
2.John Houseman
3.Randy Quaid
4.Jack Gilford
5.Vincent Gardenia

mrripley said...

I think 73 supp actor year was v strong,miller is my winner.

Anonymous said...

I'm going for John Houseman, but I haven't done very well lately.


moviefilm said...

I have only seen The Exorcist and honestly, Jason Miller´s performance wasn´t anything special, though I´ll have to refresh my mind some time. My prediction for your pick:

1) Jason Miller
2) Randy Quaid
3) John Houseman
4) Jack Gilford
5) VIncent Gardenia

Fritz said...

I've only seen Miller but I really liked him...

dinasztie said...

Miller for me, easily. Houseman somehow didn't do it for me and same is true about Gilford. Haven't seen the others.


Anonymous said...

I liked everyone here except Gardenia. Personally, though, I'd have given the award to Christopher Lee for "The Wicker Man."

Anonymous said...

I adore The Paper Chase, but wasn't a huge fan of John Houseman at the same time. And Miller was quite good, if I remember. Haven't seen the other 3. =/

Anonymous said...

Jason Miller, but I find Vincent Gardenia to be very good. The others range from mediocre to useless.

Anonymous said...

I've seen all but Bang the Drum Slowly, I think Quaid was the best that year followed by Houseman, I don't think Miller and Gilford were remarkable but I enjoyed their performances very much. I hope you'll go with Quaid.