Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Best Supporting Actor 1943: J. Carrol Naish in Sahara

J. Carrol Naish received his first Oscar nomination for portraying Giuseppe in Sahara.

Sahara details a small group of allied soldiers who attempt to hold up a large group of German soldiers.

Naish plays Giuseppe an Italian soldier held captive by the Allied Soldiers. Naish really has a very simple role and a very little screentime. He does an Italian accent that although clearly Italian it is not as over the top as it really could have been. Naish in his little time does give a sympathetic portrayal of Giuseppe showing just a man who desperately needs help. He mostly just stands around looking scared which Naish realistically portrays until he stands up for himself in a big anti Nazi speech at the end of his performance. It is well handled by Naish really putting the right passion and pride into the speech while keeping with the character still showing just an inner strength within Giuseppe. Although never amazing or substantial Naish gives a good performance technically but in a very very limited part.


RatedRStar said...

is the film any good? cause I have no opinion on this actor or film lol

Louis Morgan said...

It is okay.