Saturday, 18 June 2011

Best Actor 1930: Lawrence Tibbett in The Rogue Song

Lawrence Tibbett received his only Oscar nomination for portraying Yegor in The Rogue Song.

The Rogue song is a mostly lost film, although a few moments survive. It is apparently about a singing bandit leader who falls in love with a princess but punishes her as well for her brother apparently rapes Yegor's sister. Also in the film are some scenes with Laurel and Hardy that supposedly lack any relation to the main plot, and were simply inserted later.

Now onto the small snippets of his performance. One is him singing to the princess. He sings well, but he is just holding the princess and singing there really is nothing that can be really taken from it to really tell what sort of performance this is.

His other brief scene involves him being angry at the princess at yelling at her. He says how he will not have his friends heart broken in a rather dull but at the same time over the top fashion. That's all there is to his performance though. It seems bad from this one brief moment, but who knows he could be brilliant the rest of the film, I really can't say.

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