Saturday, 5 March 2011

Best Supporting Actor 1949: Results

5. John Ireland in All the King's Men- I will admit the character of Jack Burden's is not a great one, but Ireland stilted and uncharismatic performance does not help matters at all.
4. Dean Jagger in Twelve O'clock High- Jagger's character actually should have been the heart of his film, but Jagger is unable to really bring an authentic emotion, or life to his character.
3. Arthur Kennedy in Champion- Kennedy does not get a lot of time to develop his character but he does manage to find himself as a moral conscience and later contrast to Kirk Douglas' character quite well.
2. James Whitmore in Battleground- Whitmore's performance is realistic and always proper as the commanding sergeant of the men in Battleground, but the most impressive part of his performance is his expertly handled physical disintegration throughout the film. 
1. Ralph Richardson in The Heiress- I do not blame anyone for not being interested in this year, since again this is another supporting year with a clear cut winner. Richardson performance is simply superb piece of acting. He is outstanding in creating a memorable, and incredibly effective character. He manages his character quiet and more obvious cruelty exceptionally well. Richardson also manages to make a fully realized and three dimensional character.
Deserving Performances:
Alec Guinness in Kind Hearts and Coronets
Edmond O'Brien in White Heat


joe burns said...

I guess he was an obvious pick.

What did you think of Clift in the Heiress?

dinasztie said...

I was close with my predictions. I thought you would like Kennedy.

Louis Morgan said...

Joe: I thought Clift was good, but not as good as Richardson and de Havilland.

dinasztie: Well I did like Kennedy, his character was just a bit too minimal.

Anonymous said...

Yes! He was brilliant in The Heiress, my pick as well, 5 Walters indeed. I also like that you acknowledged Guinness' performance in Kind Hearts and Coronets which was brilliant. Great reviews! What year comes next? Can you do 1951 in the Leading category?

dshultz said...

Could you do 1980 best actor next? That's a good year. Or 1960? that's a good one too.

Louis Morgan said...

Anonymous: Thanks, the next year will be announced soon, I would do 1951 but as of the moment I do not have Bright Victory.

dshultz: Both of those years have a few films I do not have for viewing at the moment, but I am working on that.

Anonymous said...

Even for 1949 standards Dean Jagger is a LOUSY pick.

The Academy must have been very hard pressed to have voted for him.

Louis Morgan said...

Yes he is a weak choice, especially since Richardson would have been such a great winner. I guess it was sort of a long character actor career award for him.

Anonymous said...

Bright Victory is available on torrent! Here's a link:

Michael Patison said...

I totally agree with Richardson. Why did you include Guinness as an alternate Supporting as opposed to Leading?

Louis Morgan said...

Guinness although portraying many characters they are always in supporting roles when compared to Dennis Price who is the lead of the film.