Saturday, 19 February 2011

Best Supporting Actor 2010: Results

5. Mark Ruffalo in the Kids are All Right- Ruffalo's performance is somewhat charming I suppose, but very limited in what he does with the role. When the role requires more of him, he does not handle it very well.
4. Jeremy Renner in The Town- Renner stays intense and suggests the psychotic nature of his character well and in an effective fashion. It is not that complex of a character, but Renner does the most he can with it.
3. Geoffrey Rush in The King's Speech- Rush showboats all the way throughout his performance as the unorthodox speech therapist. His showboating does work though I feel for this role, and is properly entertaining, and effective.
2. Christian Bale in The Fighter- Bale gives a strong performance managing to realistically portray the character drug induced problems, along with adding some humor as well.
1. John Hawkes in Winter's Bone- (Good Prediction Dinasztie) Hawkes realizes his character incredibly well, and manages to give both a chilling performance, and a warm one. He manages to mix both aspect of his character incredibly well, and in an effective performance.


joe burns said...

I would go with Rush, though I feel he's really leading. Hawkes or Garfield would be my personal pick, I think.

dinasztie said...

Gee, wow. I did not think my predictions would be right. LOL. :D Great work anyhow, but a weak year according to you, it seems.

Louis Morgan said...

Joe: Rush and Bale both I would say could be argued as leads as well. I still think they are supporting, but supporting with a good amount of importance and screen time.

Dinasztie: Thank you. I did not think it was that weak really, Supporting actor is not a great category to begin with, and three fours is very good for it (Hawkes being very close to a 4.5 for me). This year is actually over halfway up in my ranking of the years I have done.

Michael Patison said...

I preferred Bale as the best and actually have Rush and Renner (as well as Garfield) above Hawkes (although he was very good in an underseen, very good film).

Michael Patison said...

As an afterthought, did you think that Andrew Garfield was deserving? For me, I thought that he did the best job of anybody in the film, though other performances were close behind.

Louis Morgan said...

I thought Garfield was good, but I felt his performance's effect became a bit muted on rewatch, so I really need to watch it one more time to be sure about him.

C.J. O'Dell said...

My rankings are:
1. Christian Bale for The Fighter. 91 out of 100 (A-)
2. Jeremy Renner for The Town. 83 out of 100 (B+)
3. John Hawkes for Winter's Bone. 80 out of 100 (B+)
4. Geoffrey Rush for The King's Speech. 75 out of 100 (B)
5. Mark Ruffalo for The Kids Are All Right. 67 out of 100. (B-)