Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Best Supporting Actor 1960: Chill Wills in The Alamo

Chill Wills received his only Oscar nomination for portraying the Beekeeper in The Alamo.

The Alamo is an overly long depiction of the Alamo even in the short version. It has a moment or two, but most of it rather boring.

The Beekeeper is one Davy Crockett's (John Wayne) wacky men from Tennessee. The Beekeeper is a barely noticeable character in the film. He mostly is just in the background that one really would not notice unless they were watching the film to see his nominated performance.

He really never has any time of important focus, when you do see him he just acts a little wacky briefly than he is not seen again for a whole while until he does the same thing again. He has one slightly dramatic moment near the end but it really is not very remarkable. Wills' performance is one that is barely on screen, and when he is off he is not missed.

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dinasztie said...

Wow, I guess being everyone's cousin is not enough to win an Oscar. :D