Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Best Supporting Actor 1950: Results

5. Jeff Chandler in Broken Arrow- Chandler is already miscast around actual Native Americans, and his dull performance never makes up for this problem.
4. Edmund Gwenn in Mister 880- Gwenn is properly sweet and charming in his part, but the part of the most benevolent of criminals is not much of one.
3. Erich von Stroheim in Sunset Blvd.- Stroheim is perfectly cast adding another layer to his character simply through his own background. He also is always proper in his role, but his performance never becomes that amazing for me. Max Meyerling is certianly an interesting character but a limited one.
2. Sam Jaffe in The Asphalt Jungle- In many years I sort of look forward to rarely talked about nominated performance which are ample in this category. I usually find out why they are rarely spoken of like Gwenn, and Chandler, but I was very pleasantly surprised to find Jaffe's incredibly strong work. Jaffe's performance is subtle even simple work at times, that is amazingly effective and very memorable.
1. George Sanders in All About Eve-Sanders simply could not be better in the role of Addison De Witt. He channels the snarky smug, yet incredibly intelligent and suave ways of the character. Sanders always makes his presence known with every single comment he makes, and to top it off he has one unforgettable scene that is just a magnificent piece of acting.


Anonymous said...

Yes! Sanders was brilliant, just as the film and your review!

dshultz said...

Could you do 1994 next? For either best leading or supporting.

Fritz said...

Well, no surprise! George Sanders seems to a favorite with everybody! Congratulations on 100!

Louis Morgan said...

Anonymous: Thanks a whole lot.

dshultz: I have a few years planned, but I will keep those in mind.

Fritz: Thank you Fritz. Sanders does seem to be one of the basically undisputed winners in this category.