Friday, 11 February 2011

Best Supporting Actor 1940: Results

5. William Gargan in They Knew What They Wanted- Gargan is okay at the beginning of the film, but as the film present a large challenge for him, he really is not up to it.
4. Jack Oakie in The Great Dictator- Oakie's parody of Mussolini is amusing enough, but most of the humor from his scenes come from Charlie Chaplin's direction more than from his performance.
3. James Stephenson in The Letter- An incredibly forgettable performance, that is the antithesis of a flashy role. I still think he did a fine job anyways, and properly portrayed his character.
2. Albert Bassermann in Foreign Correspondent- A simple dignified performance, that even keeps his dignity when he is all drugged out in the film. This is not a great performance or even the third best supporting performance in the film, but it serves its purpose.
1. Walter Brennan in The Westerner- This seems to happen in this category a lot, which is my number one is also the only choice I needed to consider. Brennan becoming my first two time supporting winner seemed almost unchallenged. I really enjoy Brennan's performance which manages to be an enjoyable charming performance, in an otherwise dull film, and an effective villainous performance that manages to be likable nonetheless.
Deserving Performances:
George Sanders in Rebecca
George Sanders in Foreign Correspondent
Herbert Marshall in Foreign Correspondent


dinasztie said...

Well, yeah. It could not have gone any different way. Could you do 2010 Best Supporting Actors or you have something planned?

Anonymous said...

Not surprising :)

I need to work on They Knew What They Wanted, since I have no clue what or who he is.

Louis Morgan said...

Dinasztie: It will be soon but I have a few other years planned first.

Sage: In this category it is pretty hard too be surprising.