Friday, 17 December 2010

Best Actor 1945: Gregory Peck in The Keys of the Kingdom

Gregory Peck received his first Oscar nomination for portraying Father Francis Chisholm in The Keys of the Kingdom.

The Keys of the Kingdom is a well made and quite affecting film for me anyways about a priest and his years in China as a missionary.

Gregory Peck, I am glad to say due to the other non winners of this year, actually gives a very good performance. Peck stays strong throughout the film, and stays as an especially interesting man to watch as he starts as a young man. Peck early on is properly charming, and just give a very nice watchable performance. He is interesting to follow throughout the film, as a young man. Peck gives just an interesting performance in which can be followed through the story of the Priest.

I really liked his performance as just a nice charming man, Peck shows how an almost entirely good guy performance does not need to be either dull or boring. Peck makes the priest a likable and enjoyable character watch. He lacks any deep problems, and is a very principled man. He though does become slowly more and more principled as the film goes on. As he grows more and more in tune with the Chinese people he is around. Peck although playing a nice character does not make him an simple man, even if he is a man of simple tastes.

Peck stays an interesting guide throughout the priest trials and tribulations as his time as the missionary. He is humorous and very heartwarming in the good moments of his time in China. His relationship's with the local people are made very sweet by Peck. Peck also holds the right strength and power in his moments of showing his passion for his work, and his protection and defense of the local people he cares for. Peck is also incredibly strong in the moments of hardship the priest must face such as the violence in China and the losses of his friends. Peck again is terrific, and very strong. Peck ages very well creating a very poignant portrait of a man, making hi final farewell in the film a truly heartfelt moment.


dinasztie said...

I like Peck very much. This seems to be a movie I would watch on a Saturday evening. :)

Fritz said...

I haven't seen this yet but I can believe that Peck is good as "a nice charming man".