Thursday, 15 July 2010

Best Actor 1993

And the Nominees were:

Liam Neeson in Schindler's List

Anthony Hopkins in The Remains of the Day

Daniel Day-Lewis in In the Name of the Father

Tom Hanks in Philadelphia

Laurence Fishburne in What's Love Got to Do With It

Who is your pick? What do you predict my ranking will be?


joe burns said...

I think you'll go with Day Lewis, I actually forgot who your original pick was, but I think it was Day-Lewis followed by Neason, then Hopkins, then Hanks, then Fishbourne. I think your ranking will stay the same.

I've seen three of them and Hopkins would be my choice easily though I should rewatch Hanks again since I liked it the first time, but after I saw the last 45 minutes or so on TV, I thought he was fake and unconvincing.

Anonymous said...

My vote goes to Tom Hanks, but he is extremely unpopular around these parts.

I'm sure you'll go with Liam Neeson...

Louis Morgan said...

Well you did say Hanks gets better with repeated viewings, so we shall see.

Allen said...

I really really loved Day-Lewis's performance and I hope you pick him!

dinasztie said...

I hope you go with either Day-Lewis or Neeson, but Hopkins would be also fine, even though he's a bit underwhelming. I HATE Tom Hanks (especially Forrest Gump BLAH sob-sob). His performance was not that bad in Philadelphia, but IMO too soappy.

Malcolm said...

I'm quite sure you'll go with either Neeson or Day-Lewis. Fisburne's always the last.