Friday, 28 May 2010

Best Actor 1958: The Results

5. Spencer Tracy in The Old Man and The Sea- Tracy fails to really make an actual character out of the old man, and always is clearly acting. His narration is better than his performance.
4. Paul Newman in Cat On A Hot Tin Roof- Paul Newman gives a good performance as Brick, and shows the characters pains and frustrations very well.

 3. David Niven in Separate Tables- The falseness of the character is well done, and then his later admittance of his actually nature is well handled by Niven.

2. Tony Curtis in The Defiant Ones- Curtis is very good at showing the depth of his character, and never overdoes a single part of his performance. His character's transformation is earned and feels natural opposed to artificial.
1. Sidney Poitier in The Defiant Ones- Poitier uses his natural charisma and his abilities to create a powerful character.
Deserving Performances:
Alec Guinness in A Horse's Mouth
James Stewart in Vertigo


joe burns said...

Wrong again! But was it hard for you to decide between Curtis and Niven? And would Stewart be your personal choice? I know a lot of people love his performance.

Fritz said...

Yay for Niven! Great work!

What year is next? If you take suggestion, I would love to hear your thougths on 1967!

Louis Morgan said...

Joe Burns: Actually it was not that hard, I felt Niven really stood out as the best. But I was surprised because I did not think he would be my choice until I watched separate Tables again. Stewart might be my personal choice, but I would have to watch Vertigo again to be sure.

Fritz: Thanks, I'll do 67 after I do another year I had planned already.

Anonymous said...

I like Niven's performance but I'm just with Paul Newman here :)