Friday, 9 April 2010

Best Actor 2001: Results

5. Sean Penn in I Am Sam- A performance that is forced in every single possible way. Penn overplays his mannerisms and his voice. His character is overly positive and really just comes off as one dimensional.
4. Will Smith in Ali- A very poor imitation but also just a bad performance on a whole which lacks any intelligence or depth.
3. Denzel Washington in Training Day- Washington plays a villain and he chooses to take the over the top method, rather than the subtle method. He is not terrible but he could have been a lot better than he is.
2. Russell Crowe in A Beautiful Mind- Crowe gives a very fine performance of a very troubled man. He plays man with severe mental problems yet he never overplays any scene, and instead remains realistic throughout the film despite the obtuse man he plays.
1. Tom Wilkinson in In the Bedroom- Wilkinson is perfect as the father who tries to hide the grief over his son. Every layer he builds into his performance is without fault. In his quite scenes he adds so much with only his eyes and face, and when he becomes a little louder he does not fault instead he excels.


Fritz said...

No complaints here! Tom Wilkinson was amazing! And Russell was fantastic, too!

Louis Morgan said...

Either one would have been deserving and they both would have been great winners.

joe burns said...

I knew it! So 1989 is next?

Louis Morgan said...


dinasztie said...

I agree. Wilkinson was the best, Crowe was good, but the others sucked IMO.

Louis Morgan said...

That just about sums up the others.