Sunday, 11 April 2010

Best Actor 1989: Morgan Freeman in Driving Miss Daisy

Morgan Freeman received his second Oscar nomination of five for playing Hoke Colburn the chauffeur of t Miss Daisy in Driving Miss Daisy.

Driving Miss Daisy is a very enjoyable film about the relationship between a Jewish Southern elderly Lady and her African American. It follows as their relationship grows from the initial hostile stages, to the later stages where they form a truly emotional bond with one another.

A whole lot of the film depends on the lead actors and their chemistry. Freeman's and Jessica Tandy's chemistry is incredibly effective, and their conversations together are just perfect. Freeman plays an older character who ages even more as the film goes along and he does that without any fault. His aging his natural, and proper. Freeman really gives just an enjoyable performance the whole way through. Freeman does certain mannerisms and voice as Hoke but they all work just to make a thoroughly enjoyable performance. It is not just enjoyable thought, but his performance also contains a lot of depth. Freeman shows the characters deeper aspects through subtle expressions, rather than anything heavy handed. Freeman handles the development of his relationship with Tandy to an expert degree, their feuding at first to their true friendship at the end is as eloquently done as possible and the credit needs to go to Tandy and Freeman for this. His performance has heart, depth, and is just fun to watch. For this Freeman gets:


joe burns said...

Not sure how I'd rate it, but I did like him a lot. Love the movie!

Fritz said...

I saw the movie yesterday. It's charming and entertaining but not so special. But Jessica and Morgan shine.

Louis Morgan said...

Its not a great triumph in cinematic achievement but its certainly enjoyable.

Zephyr said...

I agree. Charming film but it's not a great work of art. Strong performances from the two leads though