Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Best Actor 1936: Results

5. Spencer Tracy in San Francisco- Tracy gives a nice supporting turn here, and does a good job supporting the other actors in San Francisco. He was just nominated in the wrong category.
4. Paul Muni in The Story of Louis Pasteur- Muni gives a nice performance as Pasteur but the part just never seems to be that much of a challenge.
3. Gary Cooper in Mr. Deeds Goes to Town- Cooper may not have the best voice in my book, but his silent looks are just perfect. Cooper has some really memorable scenes here, especially the court room scene.
2. William Powell in My Man Godfrey- Powell is a superb romantic lead in this screwball comedy. He gives his nice sarcastic delivery which works to excellent effect.
1. Walter Huston in Dodsworth- Huston is great as Dodsworth. His enthusiasm at first is so perfect especially when he is conflicted with his disappointment later on. Huston strikes all the right notes here.


joe burns said...

I knew it! So what year will be next?

Louis Morgan said...


dinasztie said...

My ranking would be the same. I love Huston's performance sooooo much.